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Stop surviving. Start thriving.

Stop us if this sounds familiar. You and a small IT team are attempting to give employees the tools they want, customers the digital experience they want, and the business the innovation it wants.

Standing in your way? A little something called reality. Between continually bolstering security systems, managing and updating existing applications, solving issues du jour, and dealing with a bazillion vendors — you’re trudging up a sand dune.

A simple solution.

Cisco Simple IT unites all of your core technology needs into one simple, secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution that is easy to manage.


Protect your business. Prevent, detect, and mitigate security threats.


Deploy your network faster and more efficiently with cloud-managed switches.


Engage everywhere. Exchange ideas and build stronger relationships.


Get computing, storage, connectivity, and unified management with the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure.

We interrupt this infographic to talk about security.

You’ve seen the stats. Hackers are coming after SMBs in a big way. Cisco gives you cost-effiective, enterprise-level, on-and-off-network security that deploys in minutes and updates automatically.


Cisco Umbrella

Provides new levels of visibility into internet activity across all locations and users. Cloud-delivered network security protects users on and off the network, anywhere they go, even when not using the VPN.
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Cisco AMP

Blocks malware in real-time to prevent breaches (point-in-time). And continuously analyzes file activity across the extended network to quickly detect and remove malware that evaded front-line defenses (retrospective security).


Cisco Stealthwatch

Accelerates and improves threat detection, incident response, and forensics across the entire network, including encrypted traffic.

We now resume your regularly scheduled infographic.

Stop spending most of your time juggling pointy, odd-shaped objects. Cisco Simple IT transforms multiple systems into one secure, cloud-based platform.


One vendor manages all of your IT solutions and support; ensures systems remain up to date; and eliminates gaps inherent in multivendor environments.


Drastically reduce time spent on maintenance and software updates.


Simplify management of all IT systems, interfaces, and dashboards so they all talk to each other.


Greatly simplify and accelerate decision making with streamlined reporting.

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