Teleworkers Gain Flexibility and Productivity

Preserve business security and agility, increase productivity, and reduce costs by continuously empowering the teleworker; anytime, from every location.

Cisco Teleworker Solutions

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Simple, Highly Secure, Reliable Access for Teleworkers

Meet the Needs of Diverse Teleworkers

Teleworkers, remote workers, and employees on the go can now enjoy simple, highly secure, and reliable connectivity at home or on the road. Each type of teleworker, however, has a different set of needs based on their job responsibility. A "one size fits all" solution simply will not work.

Cisco delivers a suite of teleworking solutions that cost-effectively address the needs of diverse types of teleworkers.

Advanced Teleworkers

For executive call-center or permanent teleworkers, the Cisco Virtual Office solution offers failsafe connectivity with exceptional voice quality and video conferencing. This helps teleworkers collaborate effectively across geographies and time zones.

The solution combines Cisco Aggregation Services Routers (ASRs) in the corporate data center with a high-performance, centrally managed wired or wireless router at the remote site. It delivers full IP telephony, wireless, data, and video services over an encrypted VPN, dedicated quality of service (QoS) for smooth video playback, and full telepresence capabilities.

Hybrid Teleworkers

For business teleworkers who often split their time between a home office and the corporate office, the Cisco OfficeExtend Solution provides a cost-effective means to access the same business services from the corporate facility or from home.

The solution provides highly secure tunneling to the corporate network to deliver the same comprehensive access to business services from the remote office. At the same time it maintains home network activities. Cisco delivers a zero-touch, end-user deployment solution with full 802.11n wireless performance and dual-band RF support to avoid congestion caused by residential devices. Additionally, a corporate wired or wireless Cisco IP phone with or without video can be added to improve collaboration.

On-the-Go Teleworkers

Mobile workers can enjoy highly secure, always-on VPN connectivity, encrypted web access, and policy enforcement with the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution. This solution combines a software client that runs on laptops, smartphones, and tablets with a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance that acts as a highly secure mobility headend and a Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance.

The Cisco Teleworker solution connects employees more securely and reliably by using Cisco 800 Series Routers, Cisco Voice and Unified Communications, Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager), and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

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