Routing and Switching

Enabling Green Practices

Using the Network to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Rising energy costs, environmental concerns, government and industry directives, and heightened public scrutiny are all forcing "green" issues and practices to the forefront of business and IT plans. As a resource that touches everything, the network is ideally suited to bolster these efforts and provide much-needed relief from increasing environmental pressures.

As the centerpiece of many of the world's networks, Cisco's routing and switching systems are uniquely positioned to have a positive, broad-based impact along four primary fronts.

Power Efficiency

  • Optimized power supplies
  • Performance-to-Power gain
  • Intelligent power management

Operational Efficiency

  • Integrated services
  • Collaboration services
  • Network virtualization

Continuous Innovation

  • Evolving services
  • Progressive design
  • Regulatory compliance

Extended Service Life

  • Service readiness
  • Platform extensibility
  • Component reuse and sharing

Cisco Network Systems solutions offer a range of additional benefits, including helping your business:

  • Control energy costs and consumption
  • Meet regulatory requirements and business directives
  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of IT
  • Drive "green" business practices, such as remote collaboration and telecommuting
  • Optimize resource utilization and minimize e-waste
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