5 Ways to Unleash the Benefits of Intent‑Based Networking


You’ve started building your Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) foundation. Now what? See how Cisco Services can help you use your network infrastructure to add new digital capabilities to innovate and stay competitive.

Learn how to design a smarter, more responsive network.

Number one

Evaluate what you already have and what you still need to move to a secure and automated network.

Cisco DNA Advisory for SD‑Access >
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Simplify and centralize management with a single dashboard.

Number two

Design, provision, and apply policy quickly and easily across your network environment to help you optimize performance and decrease risks.

Cisco DNA Center Advise and Implement >
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Accelerate adoption across your organization.

Number three

Use insights and recommendations to help you define your operational support plan including roles, responsibilities, and process elements.

SD-Access Operations Planning >
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Train your IT staff to build and run the new network.

Number four

Give your IT team the knowledge and skills they need to implement and manage your new automated network.

SD‑Access Training > Cisco DNA Implementation Essentials > Network Programmability Certifications >
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Ensure that your network is available and reliable.

Number five

Centralize support to resolve issues quickly with a team of solution experts.

Solution Support >

If you need help transforming your business quickly, let us manage your new network environment for you.

Managed Enterprise for SD‑Access >
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