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Amazing people make amazing teams

In an increasingly digital world, human connections have become more important to people than ever. Work is no exception.

The rise of remote workers

Work/life balance is a top priority for millennials. Remote workers need to feel connected to your business to deliver.

Transparency is key

Remote workers need to stay in the loop with peers and leadership, even if they can’t be at watercooler conversations.

Crucial corporate culture

The workplace needs to stay fun! Employee satisfaction scores are crucial to hiring and retaining top talent.

Keep your teams happy and connected. Collaboration technology can help.

  • Allow people to work remote from wherever they need to be.
  • Host team video calls, so all remote people feel like full participants
  • Create team chat spaces to share crucial business info
  • Make time for fun. Create a space just for sharing kudos and building culture.
  • Connect hobby or cultural networks in digital communities.
  • Know that you can be there for your people digitally, whenever they need you.

Valuable face-time

Connect your team with Webex Meetings. Remote working becomes easier.

Have a life-like experience

Build relationships anywhere over Cisco video devices like you’re in the same room.

Build team culture

Collaborate on projects, ask questions, or send kudos in group spaces.