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Case Study: Sentryo

Deeper security and visibility in manufacturing

After a year of collaboration and work with Cisco, Sentryo created a flexible, secure solution adapted specifically for the industrial world. They enable organizations to ensure the availability, resilience, and safety of their industrial systems while fighting against cyberattacks.



  • Limited visibility into networks
  • Considerable security challenges
  • Need to digitally transform organization to keep pace with smart manufacturing


  • Extend advanced security to the factory floor to safeguard people, data, and the environment
  • Enable improved visibility to gain insight into operations, minimize downtime, and boost efficiency
  • Update software across thousands of machines worldwide in minutes, not weeks or months

What they’re saying

Cisco provides the tools we need to deliver visibility, security, and create a platform for Industrie 4.0 manufacturing.

Laurent Hausermann, COO, Sentryo

Who is Sentryo?

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Lyon, France
Company size: Less than 50 employees
Website: http://www.sentryo.net