Case Study: City of El Paso

El Paso confronts crisis

During the pandemic, orders were issued to 'stay at home.' But what do you do if you have no home? The City of El Paso supported its homeless population by offering virtual connections to community services using Webex by Cisco.



  • Orders to stay home left the homeless vulnerable
  • Community connections to services can be complex


  • In 13 months, 3000 homeless individuals received help
  • Visitors were safely connected to services using Webex
  • No cases of COVID-19 originated in the facility

What they’re saying

Using Webex technology, we were slicing through layers of complex government agencies and responsibilities to create solutions for people.

Nicole Ferrini, Chief Resilience Officer, City of El Paso

Who is the City of El Paso?

Industry: Government
Location: El Paso, Texas
Population: 680,000