Case Study: Drones in Healthcare

Helping healthcare reach new heights

From contactless delivery and faster, more flexible distribution to critical medical samples and equipment, Matternet — in partnership with Stratus Information Systems — is revolutionizing the drone delivery space. 



  • Meet transport time for critical medical supplies
  • Quickly connect high-need communities with medical facilities
  • Key technical requirements:


  • Secure infrastructure provides reliable connectivity between hospitals and communities
  • Decreased transport time from hours to minutes 
  • Moving forward, new drone stations can be quickly scaled

What they're saying

While we value all of our small business customers, there’s something incredibly rewarding about partnering with a company that is leveraging Cisco Meraki’s technology to help save lives on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Jason Lacey, Sales Director, Stratus Information Systems

Who is Stratus Information Systems?

Industry: Technical services

Location: San Francisco, California


What they're saying

Stratus Information Systems really leaned in to understand what our business is doing, spent time with our engineers, and pulled in the resources of Cisco to help spec out how this system would work. In essence, our stations are the endpoints of our network.

Paolo Resmini, VP Engineering, Matternet