2000 islands, 12 countries, 1 university

The University of the South Pacific unites the dreams of its students onto a single, secure network.

The University of the South Pacific

USP is the premier institution for higher education in the South Pacific region. With Cisco's help, they are able to unite students across 12 countries and 2000 islands with a single, secure network.

Industry: Education
Location: Pacific Islands
Size: 550
Website: usp.ac.fj



  • Improve the underlaying network across island nations
  • Help enable students and staff to connect anywhere, anytime
  • Adapt to the changing landscape of higher education


  • United by one single, secure network
  • True equity and access for students and teachers
  • A technically skilled and industry-ready workforce

Few universities appreciate the importance of being able to connect people as much as USP. Students and staff across our campuses rely on a secure, resilient network to access course materials, learning experiences, and to create and sustain personal connections. Cisco provides us with that network.

Professor Pal Ahluwalia, Vice-Chancellor and President