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Case Study: Douglas County School District

Growing school district automates infrastructure operations, enhances security

DCSD is Colorado's third largest district, serving almost 70,000 students with a small IT team. Cisco ACI helped DCSD to reduce deployment time, stop configuration drift, and better protect personal information while keeping IT head count lean.



  • Reduce infrastructure and application deployment time
  • Improve data segmentation and security
  • Standardize device configurations
  • Support the third largest school district in Colorado with a small IT team


  • Standardized and automated infrastructure deployments
  • Integrated network management for VMware
  • Increased protection of student data
  • Quickly deployed and provisioned new learning tools
  • Automated operations and shifted operational capital toward educational needs
  • Made changes to the network with zero downtime
  • Reduced operations from weeks to five minutes, and even seconds

What they're saying

Our ability to optimize and automate routine operations using Cisco ACI is one of the main reasons we've been able to remain a lightweight team, even as we manage more heavyweight tasks. This allows us to allocate capital to education needs versus spending on infrastructure and operations costs.

Nick Morgan, Director of IT Operations, Douglas County School District

Who is Douglas County School District?

Industry: Education
Location: Colorado, United States of America 
Size: 70,000 students
Website: https://www.dcsdk12.org/