Cisco MGX 8200 Series Edge Concentrators

EOS - Cisco MGX 8260 Media Gateway Product Line

Product Bulletin No. 1631

End-of-Sales Announcement for the Cisco MGX 8260 Media Gateway Product Line

This product bulletin announces the end-of-sales date, the end-of-engineering support dates, the end-of-Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support dates, and other key dates related to the Cisco MGX 8260 Media Gateway product line.

This announcement is applicable to all except select customers and partners.

Please refer to Tables 1, 2, 3, and 4, and to the Q&A contained in this bulletin for complete details. If you have further questions, contact your Cisco account executive.

Table 1   Summary of Key End-of-Sales Dates

Product  End-of-Sales
Date (last date
of orderability)
Last Date of New
System Shipments
(end-of-production date)

Cisco MGX 8260




Table 2   Summary of Key End-of-Support Dates

Product   End-of- Engineering Hardware Maintenance Support Date   End-of- Engineering Software Maintenance Support Date   End-of-Service Contract Renewal Date   End-of-Return Material Authorization (RMA) and Cisco TAC Support (product obsolete date)  
Cisco MGX 8260





Table 3   Milestone Date Definitions

Date  Definition 

End-of-Sales announcement date

The date that the "End-of-Sales Announcement" was released to the public. See Table 1 for details.

End-of-Sales (orderability) date

The date that Network Market-Place Tool "Orderability" will be deactivated. See Table 1 for details.

End-of-Production and shipment date

The date that Cisco manufacturing will finish honoring and fulfilling purchase orders for new equipment. See Table 1 for details.

End-of-Engineering hardware maintenance support date

The date that Cisco engineering ceased or will cease considering the repair of confirmed hardware defects related to components within this system configuration.

Note: "Hardware" means the physical card and its physical components. The software download file of a card, if any, is classified as "software." Firmware of a card is classified as "hardware." See Table 4 for more details.

End-of-Engineering software maintenance support date

The date that Cisco engineering ceased or will cease considering repair of confirmed Cisco MGX 8260 software defects or card download software defects within this system configuration.

End-of-Service contract renewal date

The last date on which a partner or customer can extend or renew a service contract for this system.

Product obsolete date:

The date that Cisco logistics (in conjunction with manufacturing) will cease honoring its commitment to process RMA orders for components within this system configuration; it is also the date that Cisco TAC will cease honoring its commitment to assist customers with any issues related to components within the system configuration.

Table 4   Cisco MGX 8260 Product Items

Product ID  Description 


Cisco MGX 8260 Chassis, 14 I/O+2 SCC slots, DC, 19/23 Mnt, UserDoc, RS232


SCC 5G FC with 4 FE (256M)


SCC 5G FC with 4 OC-3 (256M)


NSC-Front Card, 8 T1/E1 Ch. Voice. G.711, Echo, VAD, CNG


NSC-Front Card, 16 T1/E1 Ch. Voice. G.711, Echo, VAD, CNG


BSC-Front Card Supports 3/1/0 TDM Switching of 6 Ch. DS3s


NSC-Front Card, 8 T1/E1 Ch. of 1/0 TDM


NSC-Front Card, 16 T1/E1 Ch. of 1/0 TDM


All Cisco MGX 8260 System Software


T3 Back Card Supports 6 (TX & RX) SMB Female Interfaces


NR Back Card Supports 16 T1/ E1 100 ohm Interfaces, 50-Pin


Back Card for 1:N Redundant Support


NR Back Card Supports 16 T1/ E1 120 ohm interfaces, 16 RJ-48


SCC-Back Card with NMS Ports and 4 100Base-T Network Interface


Broadband Back Card Supports 4 OC3 MMF Interfaces


Broadband Back Card Supports 4 OC3 SMFIR Interfaces


MGX8260 Embedded Web GUI Device Manager


Voice Comp Software, G.726, G.729 per NSC


Per BSC D Channel License


Cisco MGX 8260 110/220VAC Power Support Shelf with Power Supplies


Spare AC/DC Power Supply for Power Supply Shelf

Questions and Answers

Q. For customers who are currently deploying or planning to deploy the Cisco MGX 8260, what is the Cisco position and plan to help migrate to a next-generation voice platform?

A. Depending on application and density needed, Cisco offers a range of voice-enabled gateways such as the Cisco MGX 8850 Voice Gateway and Cisco AS5850 Universal Gateway. MGX 8850 Voice Gateways and AS5850 Universal Gateways are high-density, carrier-class gateways, offering unparalleled capacity and high availability. The MGX 8850 and AS5850 are mature products with significant traction in the marketplace. Their feature sets allow Cisco to effectively meet the requirements of the market, today and tomorrow. For more product information, please contact your local Cisco account representatives.

Q. How long will the Cisco MGX 8260 software be open for bug fixes? If an outstanding issue (bug) is identified that still needs to be resolved, what should be expected as far as addressing the issue?

A. Engineering bug fix support, known as Software Engineering Maintenance Support, continues and then expires on the end-of-engineering support date (Table 2).

Q. How long will RMA support on the field-replaceable-unit (FRU) components be available for my system configuration?

A. RMA support continues and then expires on the end-of-RMA (Table 2).

Q. How long will customers be able to obtain Cisco TAC support?

A. Cisco TAC support continues and then expires on the product Obsolete Date (Table 2).

Q. The service support contract for my system has expired. Can I still take full advantage of the milestone dates documented in this bulletin without a service contract? Should I renew my service support contract?

A. It is in your best interest to always have a service contract. Contact your Cisco account executive to initiate a new service support contract. For future reference, please note Cisco recommends renewing all contracts one month prior to expiration.

Service contracts that have expired (without being renewed one month before expiring) and are within 12 months of the product obsolete date are not eligible for renewal.

Without a service support contract, your system is not entitled to Cisco TAC support, RMA support, or engineering support without submitting, in advance, a purchase order for such services (these services are billed on an hourly basis).

Q. What is the latest Cisco MGX 8260 software supported?

A. The latest version of Cisco MGX 8260 software is 8260-SW-010205.