2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards

Cisco wins M2M Embedded Hardware Company of the Year.


Increased flexibility

Easily integrate with a wide range of equipment and systems.

Protected investments

Deploy configurable products that adapt to new capabilities, capacity, and applications.

Reduced risks

Protect your operations from unauthorized access with identity and threat management.

Find the right embedded router and switch

Cisco Catalyst ESS9300 Embedded Series Switch

  • Embedded switches for industrial IoT
  • High-bandwidth with 10 10G SFP+ ports
  • Critical security features to protect networks from cyber threats
  • Feature-rich IOS-XE based platform
  • Embedded small-form-factor that solves size, weight, and power challenges
  • Designed for remote and harsh environments
  • Enables integrators to build custom solutions for use cases such as tactical data centers, next-generation combat vehicles, and more

Cisco ESR6300 Embedded Series Router

  • Embedded routers for industrial IoT
  • Offers Gigabit throughput
  • Feature-rich IOS-XE based platform
  • Compact hardware router that solves size, weight, and power challenges
  • Available in conduction-cooled and no cooling plate models
  • Deployable in harsh environments

Cisco 6300 Series Embedded Services Access Points

  • Embed resilient Cisco WiFi into your hardware
  • Extend intent-based networking to your solutions
  • IOx support for intelligence at the edge
  • Cisco DNA Assurance for simplified network management

Cisco 5921 Embedded Services Router

  • Software-based router application
  • Designed to operate on small, low-power, Linux-based handheld and mobile devices
  • Solves size, weight, and power challenges
  • Delivers highly secure, robust networking capabilities

Cisco Embedded Service 3300 Series Switches

  • Offer high-bandwidth switching with 1 G/10 G speeds
  • Embedded small-form-factor module that has low power consumption and is sensitive to size, weight, and power
  • Common applications include tactical data centers; tactical/executive communication kits; integration into aircraft, rail, automobile networks, kiosks, and heavy machinery
  • Available as 2x 10 GE and 8x 1 GE with option of additional 16x 1 GE with or without PoE

Cisco Embedded Service 2020 Series Switches

  • Compact, small-form-factor, fast ethernet switch
  • Are designed for operation in remote harsh environments
  • Feature both air- and conduction-cooled models
  • Common applications include use in tactical vehicles, aircrafts, trains, oil rigs, and IoT applications

Accelerate time to market

Cisco IoT Design-In Program is an industry-leading systematic lifecycle program for industrial networking. We're helping partners standardize, simplify and accelerate the integration of Cisco IoT products into their solutions by discovering, documenting, and using best practices to scale.