Catalyst 9600 Series Switches—Catalyst 9606R 6-slot chassis

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Switches

Twice as fast, twice the capacity: Meet your new campus core

Transform your network with switches that move at the speed of work.

Make sure that your network is always ready with a smart switch

Serious security. Exceptional automation. Analytics, speed, and scale. Bring it all to your access network.

Secure your network from the inside out

Experience the dream team: Cisco's industry-leading security portfolio plus Talos threat intelligence, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, trustworthy solutions, and MACsec encryption.

Make it highly resilient

Make your network resilient with exceptional MTBF and high-availability features such as ISSU, GIR, and hot patching.

Set up your network your way

Seamlessly integrate with full-stack programmability from ASIC to OS. Enable future features without hardware upgrades, and create exceptional user experiences with the Cisco DNA Center platform. 

Gain faster access with a faster core

Catalyst 9600 Series Switches are twice as fast and offer twice the capacity of traditional switches.

Catalyst 9600 Series models

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Switches

Catalyst 9600 Series Switches

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Cisco DNA Center controller, Catalyst 9300 Series and Catalyst 9200 Series Switches, and Catalyst 9100 Access Points

Buy a bundle, save a bundle

Save up to 25% when you bundle Cisco DNA Center automation and assurance capabilities with your switches and access points.

Offer expires on July 29, 2023.

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