default-metric (RIP)

To set default metric values for the Routing Information Protocol (RIP), use the default-metric command in router address-family configuration mode. To return to the default state, use the no form of this command.

default-metric value

no default-metric [ value ]

Syntax Description

Default metric value. The range is from 1 to 15.

Command Default

value : 1

Command Modes

Router address-family configuration mode

Command History

This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

Use the default-metric command with the redistribute command to use the same metric value for all redistributed routes. A default metric helps to solve the problem of redistributing routes with incompatible metrics. Whenever external metrics do not convert to RIP metrics, you can use a default metric to provide a reasonable substitute to the external metric and enable the redistribution to proceed.


This example shows how to advertise Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routes using RIP and assign the OSPF-derived routes with a RIP metric of 10:

switch(config)# router rip Enterprise
switch(config-router)# address-family ipv4 unicast
switch(config-router-af)# default-metric 10
switch(config-router-af)# redistribute ospf 109 route-map FilterOSPF

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