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Security for Today's Digital Factories

Security for Today’s Digital Factories

Protect the manufacturing process from end to end

Benefits of Cisco connected
factory security

Securely connect

Securely connect things, machines, workflows, databases and people, who are on plant networks with those on enterprise networks.

See new patterns, and optimize operations and supply chain workflows.


Share intellectual property securely with global employees, partners, and vendor ecosystems, helping scale expert resources.

Reduce risk

Industrial PC virtualization helps reduce risk by streamlining your operating system and software patch updates.


Minimize operational risk to plant
equipment and employee safety.


Protect intellectual property.


Adhere to regulatory requirements.

Did you know?

Manufacturing is

  • Second in percentage of spam in email by industry.
  • Third in spear-phishing.
  • One of the top three industries targeted in cyberespionage3.

More than 1,000 IACS were targeted by the Dragonfly espionage malware program in 2014.

20% increase in 2015 in cyber attacks on the U.S. manufacturing sector1.

72% of manufacturers believe the main purpose of security is to reduce risk versus being a competitive advantage2.

What’s the impact of a
security breach?

Loss of proprietary or confidential information and intellectual property.

Sabotage of
safety systems.

Damaged brand, and loss of public confidence.

Health and safety
risks for workers.

Physical or environmental damage and violation.

Economic loss: downtime, disrupted production schedules, and damaged machines/Lost revenue and market-share growth.

Who is behind these attacks?

Why are industrial networks

New attack vectors with enterprise and operations convergence.

Islands of vulnerability on factory floors.

New Internet of Things (IoT) landscape with millions of connected machines globally.

Legacy industrial control systems.

Extended plant-foor access for partners and vendors across multiple sites.

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