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Welcome to the Smart Net Total Care Report Finder

Get Better Network Visibility

Keep your inventories current and accurate, so you have a comprehensive view of the devices on your network.

With the summary report, you can easily:

  • See a summary of devices in your network
  • Identify devices covered and not covered
  • Review last day of support data

You might also be interested in the custom inventory report.

Improve My Risk and Alert Management

With the centralized view that Smart Net Total Care offers, you can minimize vulnerabilities and better manage alerts.

With an active alerts report you can:

  • Quickly learn which devices are vulnerable to threats
  • Identify which devices require software updates
  • Review your alert remediation activities

You might also be interested in the product alerts report and the custom inventory report.

Simplify My Lifecycle Management

As you plan for change in your network, maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date view can be extremely challenging.

We can help you:

  • Plan ahead for the future capabilities of your company
  • Mitigate risk and plan for upgrades to equipment
  • Get a full view of your refresh timelines

You might also be interested in the product alerts report and the contract management report.

Monitor Device Change Management

If your network is constantly changing, having a centralized view of those changes is critical to maintain a highly reliable network.

With the inventory collection delta report, you can easily confirm moves, adds, and changes that are made to your network.

Simplify My Device Coverage

Get full visibility into your Cisco network devices, so you can simplify renewals, verify entitlement, and identify coverage gaps and opportunities to consolidate contracts with ease.

The contract management dashboard gives you a summary of all your contracts, including:

  • Expiring contracts
  • Covered and not covered devices
  • Equipment with overdue coverage

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