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What is the offer?

The Cisco CX offer for Virtual Visitation can help correctional institutions rapidly design, implement, and deploy a real-time voice, video, and data connectivity solution, so your agency can provide essential services during a lockdown or quarantine situation.

We can help you deliver a secure and scalable solution that leverages your existing network and services.


Collaborate safely

Collaborate safely when family members, attorneys and court hearing officials use video conferencing to visit inmates.

Schedule virtual meetings

Schedule virtual meetings easily with a custom user interface designed for correctional institutions.

Meet compliance standards

Meet compliance standards with a secure solution that builds in appropriate workflow checks and balance.

Services highlights

Expert guidance

With our decades of experience partnering with government, Cisco's team of experts can help you deliver critical services without physical contact.

Integrate with ease

The solution is designed to integrate easily with Webex Meetings, any existing inmate management system, the SMS Gateway, and your email notification system.

Deploy quickly

Cisco experts perform the integration and testing work as part of the solution, so you can feel assured your system will be secure and reliable, in as little as two weeks.

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