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What is the offer?

If you need to expand quickly, or reconfigure your facilities to address new rules around social distancing and to keep people safe, Cisco CX can help. Our packaged IT infrastructure kit comes with all the technology needed to securely connect to your corporate network, so your new sites are up and running quickly.



Set up sites faster

Leverage CX engineering expertise to connect your pop-up sites to the corporate network within days.

Speed facility expansion

Tap the right experts for quick, scalable and modular expansion of workspaces, clinics and classrooms.

Strengthen security

Provide safe and secure access to business apps and data from your temporary sites, with daily back-up.

Service highlights

Data and voice for 100 devices

The packaged IT infrastructure kit includes wired and wireless data and voice capabilities for laptops, desktops, and mobiles, with the option to expand.

Ongoing Cisco CX support

Cisco CX is here to help configure your kit, test connectivity before you start using it, and provide expert guidance if you need to scale things up.

Guidance and best practices

Once implemented, Cisco CX will provide full documentation of the deployed IT infrastructure so your team can start using it with confidence.

Use cases

Office pop-up

Bring employees back to work safely by opening up temporary workspaces that enable social distancing. Cisco CX can securely connect everyone to your corporate network from the pop-up space.

Clinic pop-up

Meet PCI and HIPPA regulations when you set up a temporary clinic, drive-through testing facility, field hospital, or other facility. Cisco CX connects your pop-up to your main records and databases.

Classroom pop-up

Give teachers and staff temporary classroom spaces like Blackboards, Google Classrooms, or similar apps. Cisco CX can help if you need to set up temporary spaces for lesson planning and testing.

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