Take Cyber Action Now

From SMB owners to IT managers, everyone has a part to play in keeping their organization safe from online threats.

Cyberthreats in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is the world’s fastest growing region. However, cyber attacks on businesses are also getting increasingly sophisticated, with companies receiving 6 threats every minute.

3 important questions to determine if your company is at risk:

Are you still working the same way as before?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and SD-WAN are driving change, leading to an increasingly mobile, digitized, and complex network. To work effectively, security solutions need to be constantly updated to predict, not react, to threats.

Do you find security a never-ending grind?

With a new threat appearing every day, you need to be able to always keep an eye on security risks while still empowering your teams to step up productivity by embracing online and remote work.

Are your current security solutions right for you?

The most expensive security solutions may not always be the best one for your business. Your vendor should be able to assess your present and future needs and recommend a solution that is secure, cost-effective, and scalable.

When it comes to security, teamwork is important.

Teams communicate in real-time, trust each other, and respond as a coordinated unit. For example, your endpoint security, network and cloud security, and MFA all work together to keep your data safe. Just like these systems, everyone has a part to play in keeping your network secure.

Take cyber action now

If you’re a CxO/CISO:

As a cybersecurity leader, you will need to implement enterprise-wide protection that addresses various security challenges, all while supporting business growth. Learn to harness Zero Trust to secure access and better protect your workforce, workloads, and workplace.

If you’re an IT manager:

The rate of change in security technology is quickly outpacing the training available. See how you can stay up to date to achieve a successful digital transformation.

If you’re an SMB owner:

The number of cyber attacks on SMBs continue to increase due to a lack of dedicated resources and disparate technology usage. Make cybersecurity a priority and learn how to overcome these challenges and reduce your vulnerability to cyber attacks.

If you’re an end-user:

It only takes one click for sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. Learn how to be more aware of prevalent security threats, stay secure, and protect your data.

If you’re a security leader (public sector):

To deliver improved public services, increase productivity, and ensure economic growth, you need to a smart and secure integrated nation. Learn how to utilize your resources to balance the proliferation of online threats against the ever-growing need to share information.

If you’re a security leader (commercial sector):

Piecemeal security solutions from different vendors are rife with incompatibility issues and you might spend more time getting them to work together than working on the task at hand. Learn how you can overcome these challenges with a Zero Trust approach.

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