Data Centre Analytics

Use application segmentation to analyse 100% of your applications. Gain insight. Automate policy enforcement. Collect comprehensive flow telemetry information.

What can your data centre do right now?

Cisco Tetration Analytics analyses application behavior and accurately maps application dependencies. It uses machine learning to build dynamic hierarchical policy models, enabling application segmentation and automated enforcement. The platform also simplifies your move to software-defined networking (SDN) and the cloud. 

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    Zero-trust security in minutes

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    Flexible deployment options

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    Open APIs


IDC speaks out about Tetration Analytics

Learn how you can simplify your move to the cloud and deploy whitelist security.

Pervasive data centre visibility in real time

Tetration Analytics Platform

The new Cisco Tetration Analytics platform helps you gain visibility into everything in your data centre in real time.

Accelerate your success

Cisco Services help you quickly achieve value and gain the benefits of comprehensive adoption and optimised policies.

See what our experience was like

See what our experience was like

IDC reveals the results that we have already achieved using Tetration in our data centres.


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Cisco IT reduces footprint by 30%

Hear about Cisco IT’s business outcomes.

Cisco IT reduces footprint by 30%

Meet the experts

Tom Edsall

Turn the lights on in the data centre

Tom Edsall, GM and SVP of Insieme Business Unit, discusses new features.

Featured products


New deployment options

Tetration, Tetration-M appliances, and Tetration Cloud are available.

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series

View millions of flows in real time at line rate with Nexus 9200-X and 9300-EX platforms.

News and events

Cisco Tetration Analytics

Press release

New enhancements to Cisco Tetration Analytics accelerate innovation.


Superior data centre visibility

Get to a secure, zero-trust model for your applications with Cisco Tetration Analytics.


TechWiseTV Workshop

Cisco Tetration: Unprecedented Insight Enables Zero-Trust Model for Applications

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