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Cisco Industrial Wireless

One size doesn't fit all. Cisco has the right wireless technology for your business needs.

Cisco can give you…

Purpose-built technology

Cisco IoT's wireless products are designed to operate in the harshest environments.

No-compromise solutions

Since one size doesn’t fit all, Cisco has a breadth of wireless technology options and can make recommendations to fit your unique connectivity goals.

Comprehensive wireless solutions

Avoid the cost, complexity, and security risks that come with a mishmash of wireless technologies from different vendors. With Cisco, you get a comprehensive wireless portfolio from one vendor.

I’m looking for…

Industrial Wi-Fi

Connectivity for outdoor, industrial, and hazardous environments

Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

High-throughput, low-latency wireless backhaul. Formerly Fluidmesh.

Cellular 4G LTE/5G

Gateways and routers for public and private cellular connectivity

Low-power wide-area wireless (LoRaWAN)

Long-distance wireless connectivity for battery-powered IoT devices

Cisco Resilient Mesh

Wi-SUN-compliant 802.15.4 field-area network for critical infrastructure

Fueling innovation on and off the track

Innovation of autonomous operations starts at the Indy Autonomous Challenge. Cisco IoT safely and reliably connects the first autonomous car race at Indy Motor Speedway. Learn how it applies to you.

Which set of technologies is best for you?

Answer up to eight questions and you'll be on your way to discovering which wireless technology will best meet your needs.

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