Network Fabric

Increase Productivity and Control Costs

Businesses worldwide are increasingly turning to their networks to enable increased productivity and cost control.

Cisco’s Network Fabric provides a strategy for transforming businesses to meet these goals with a vision of long-term sustainability. The three tenets of Cisco Network Fabric are:

  • Virtualization, to simplify operations, reduce network costs, and maximize existing investments
  • Collaboration, to increase productivity by overcoming the barriers of location, distance, and time
  • Operations, to automate network services, energy control and minimize total cost of ownership (TCO)

Network Fabric White Papers

Cisco continues to offer innovations in the Cisco Catalyst portfolio to maintain our switching leadership in the campus backbone and wiring closet.

Campus Back Bone - Catalyst 6500

Cisco is extending the Cisco Catalyst 6500 innovations with the introduction of several new features and enhancements for the campus backbone.

  • Virtualization – Extending Virtual Switch System to support MPLS, IPv6 and service modules
  • Collaboration (medianet) – Quality of service optimization to enhance video quality and end user experience
  • Operations – Increased application visibility with Network Management Module (NAM) enhancements
  • IPv6 Innovations – IPv6/IPv4 dual stack support. MPLS over IPv6 support

Virtual Switching System White Paper (PDF - 1.1 MB)
Cisco Catalyst 6500 - Building IPv6 Ready Campus Networks White Paper
Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM) Release 4.0 Product Bulletin
Cisco Network Analysis Module Software 4.0 (PDF - 1.7 MB)
New Features in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(33)SXI1 Product Bulletin

IOS Software Repackaging

IPv6 and IPv4 features will be packaged to provide IPv6 and IPv4 feature parity, starting with Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(33)SXI for the Catalyst 6500.

Campus Modular Access – Catalyst 4500

Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 6L-E, (WS-X45-SUP6L-E)

The new Supervisor 6L-E is a high performance, basic Layer 3 extension to the Catalyst 4500 series enabling rich media Collaboration, energy and operational efficiency in the wiring closet. The Supervisor 6L-E provides an entry level E-series supervisor which is ideal for enterprise wiring closest deployments that require scalability, non-stop communications and investment protection.

Key Architecture Highlights:

  • Scalability: 24Gbps per slot, 280 Gbps capacity and 225 mpps performance
  • Power over Ethernet Plus: Supports 802.3af PoE and PoEP, up to 30watts per port
  • Investment Protection: E-Series and Classic linecard support

New Catalyst 4500 Innovations:

  • Increased Security: Identity 4.0, Cisco TrustSec Multihop-SXP
  • Operational Automation: Cisco Smart Call Home, Embedded Event Manager Enabling IT efficiencies
  • Energy Sustainability: EnergyWise architecture, Innovative Switch level energy efficiencies
  • Location Services: NMSP location services for wired and wireless location

Learn more about the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 6L-E
Supervisor 6L-E Datasheet
Supervisor 6L-E Product Bulletin

48 port 10/100/1000 Classic PoEP Plus Ready Line Card (WS-X4548-RJ45V)

The catalyst 4500 offers one of the most comprehensive PoE/PoEP linecard portfolio in the industry.

  • High power PoE: Up to 30 watts per port for PoEP devices
  • EnergyWise: full compatibility
  • Power control: PoE monitoring and policing with power draw thresholds
  • Investment protection: Supports E-Series and classic supervisors and chassis

Catalyst 4500 Series Line Card Datasheet
Catalyst 4500 Line Card Product Bulletin

Catalyst 4500, 6000 Watt Power Supply

Scale your wiring closet PoE deployments to the IEEE PoEP standard. Compatible with E-Series and Classic chassis.

  • Scalability: Capable of powering a fully loaded 4507R-E with class 3 devices in redundant mode
  • Efficiency: Highly efficient power supply with built in true power usage monitoring

Catalyst 4500 Power Supply Datasheet

Campus Fixed Access – Catalyst 3750 v2 and 3560 v2 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Switches

Catalyst 3750v2 and 3560v2 Series offer improved operational efficiency and investment protection.

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Full EnergyWise roadmap support
  • Fully compatible with Cisco Catalyst family of 3750, 3560, 3750-E and 3560-E switches

Catalyst 3750 v2 Data Sheet
Catalyst 3560 v2 Data Sheet
Catalyst 3750 v2 Series Page
Catalyst 3560 v2 Series Page

Meet Today’s Cost Challenges

Network, services, and desktop virtualization provide opportunities to maximize IT return on investments while reducing both IT capital and operational costs.

Network virtualization allocates physical resources logically, allowing you to consolidate disparate networks over a single IP network.

  • One-to-many reduces costs by reducing equipment duplication and management complexities.
  • Many-to-one increases operational efficiency by providing a single point of management, higher resiliency and effective bandwidth utilization.
Virtual Switching System White Paper (PDF - 1.5 MB)

Services virtualization allows service devices to be segmented into many logical devices, each of which can be separately configured and managed. This reduces the number of physical devices required, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of management.

Network Services Virtualization White Paper

Desktop virtualization reduces IT operational costs by extending data center virtualization to the desktop.

Desktop Virtualization White Paper
Learn more about network virtualization solutions

Effectively Collaborate Across Global Teams and Functions

Collaboration strategies are offering the next wave of opportunity for productivity and transformation. Businesses that succeed in improving collaboration achieve the ability to increase productivity, gain competitive advantage, achieve faster time to market and enhance their ability to manage globally-dispersed teams.

Medianet, mobility, and unified communications use the network as a platform to help people connect, communicate and collaborate from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Medianet helps optimize the network for video applications and deliver business quality user experiences for collaboration technologies such as Cisco TelePresence, desktop video, and video on demand.

Mobility technologies strive to architect the network for wired and wireless solutions that provide consistent and secure access to corporate applications from anywhere at anytime.

Mobility in Wired and Wireless Networks White Paper
Learn more about mobility solutions

Unified Communications helps increase employee productivity and streamline business processes with flexible, scalable communications systems.

To enable these network-centric collaboration applications, businesses must establish a network platform that provides delivery optimization, resiliency, scalability, and security.

Cisco Campus Validated Design Guides

Generate Steady, Long-Term Returns

The network platform is a strategic investment. Like any investment, the objective is to uncover strategies to generate steady and high long-term returns. Three key ways to maximize returns are:

  • Automation: Cisco IOS provides built-in capabilities to automate day-to-day network operations dramatically improves IT staff efficiency and providing faster network services to end users.
  • Energy Sustainability: New innovations on Cisco Switches provide effective energy management and control at both the switch level and by extending the intelligence of the network to devices connected to the network as exemplified by Cisco EnergyWise technology.
    Evaluating and Enhancing Green Practices with Cisco Catalyst Switching
    Learn more about EnergyWise
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Incremental changes enhance the value of the investment while reducing the total cost of ownership over time. Platform longevity, extensible hardware designs, Cisco IOS® Software services, validated designs and platform scalability all extend the service life of Cisco Catalyst networks.
    Network Fabric White Papers

Cisco and Partner Services for Campus Success

As you adopt new technologies to transform your business, we can help you with:

  • Planning and design services that align technology with your business goals to increase the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of deployment.
  • Technical services to help maintain operational health, strengthen software application functionality, solve performance issues, and lower expenses.
  • Optimization services designed to continually improve performance and help your team succeed with new technologies.

Learn more about Cisco Services

Routing and Switching Services
Use the enterprise network as a strategic asset through effective architecture, deployment, and operations.

Unified Communications Services
Deploy a secure, resilient Cisco Unified Communications solution, enabling powerful ways to collaborate with co-workers, partners, and customers across any workspace.

Wireless LAN Services
Deploy or migrate to a Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution and integrate a variety of secure wireless network solutions, technologies, and strategies.

Security Services
Deploy and operate network platforms that defend critical business processes against attack and disruption, protect privacy, and support policy and regulatory compliance controls.

Technical Services
Help ensure that your Cisco products and network operate efficiently and benefit from the most up-to-date system and application software.

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