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The all new Webex Third-Party integrations

Best of both worlds

Cisco delivers the flexibility to connect and manage integrations from existing compliance, security, and identity management software.

    Cisco has developed key relationships with leading Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), compliance, security, and identity management vendors to enhance Cisco Webex and deliver key enterprise-grade features.

    Examples include:

    Actiance can capture and archive all content from Cisco Webex, including messages and files to comply with retention requirements and enable e-discovery. Actiance also provides integration with other archival systems.

    Cisco Cloudlock 
    Cisco Cloudlock monitors all Cisco Webex spaces that contain members internal to the organization for data loss prevention. When a violation is detected, Cloudlock can take these Webex specific actions:

    • Notify end user of policy violation via 1-to-1 bot message
    • Notify Webex admin of policy violation via 1-to-1 bot message
    • Delete violating content (file or message) from a Webex space

    Duo Security
    Duo offers a variety of methods for adding two-factor authentication and flexible security policies to Webex SSO logins, complete with inline self-service enrollment and Duo Prompt. Duo Access Gateway is included in the Duo Beyond, Duo Access, and Duo MFA plans, which also include the ability to define policies that enforce unique controls for each individual SSO application. For example, you can require that Salesforce users complete two-factor authentication at every login, but only once every seven days when accessing Webex. Duo checks the user, device, and network against an application's policy before allowing access to the application.

    GlobalRelay works with Cisco Advanced Services ensuring that Cisco Webex content can be sent to GlobalRelay for archiving. Supports both on-premises and cloud instances of GlobalRelay.

    Microsoft Cloud App Security
    With Microsoft’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), you can gain greater visibility and control across user and admin activities, as well as files in Cisco Webex. It enables you to create granular policies to identify sensitive files and risky activities, get alerted when policies are violated, and automatically apply granular controls and governance actions, such as deleting messages that contain sensitive files. These CASB capabilities can be implemented using near real-time controls via an API connector.

    Okta and Cisco's deep integration brings Okta's identity management platform to the Cisco Webex platform. With Okta, end-users can seamlessly authenticate into Webex to collaborate and share information. For CIOs and IT leaders, the new SCIM integration provides a simplified and secure way to provision and de-provision Webex users for enterprises. IT administrators can also use such Okta features as universal directory (UD) and mobile device management (MDM) to manage users, as well as multi-factor authentication to provide an additional layer of security to the authentication process.

    Ping Identity
    Ping Identity has created an integration between both Ping Identity's PingOne and PingFederate and the Cisco Webex platform. To secure against the number one attack vector of weak and stolen passwords, this integration provides an enterprise authentication experience. Additionally, Ping Identity's cloud-delivered, multi-factor authentication (MFA) increases security even further without sacrificing user experience with an easy, one touch swipe on a mobile phone. Finally, for IT executives the Ping Identity/ Webex integration provides a simple and highly secure way to deploy and manage Webex across the enterprise.

    Prisma™ SaaS by Palo Alto Networks
    Palo Alto Networks and Cisco have developed deep integration between Prisma™ SaaS and the Cisco Webex platform to classify data, identify risk and automate remediations. This integration prevents data loss and enables compliance assurance in Cisco Webex. Prisma SaaS supports the following features for Webex:

    • Discover risks by monitoring messages and files for sensitive content
    • Alert on sensitive files and messages, malware, suspicious user activities
    • Automatically remediate policy violations - delete, notify via email, notify via bot and other actions

    Skyhigh Networks
    Skyhigh Networks applies policies to Webex content, including messages and files. Skyhigh can alert upon policy violations and take remediation actions such as deleting the violating content. Policies can be based on AD groups.

    SphereShield by AGAT
    SphereShield by AGAT offers unique security and compliance capabilities for Webex. SphereShield includes:

    • Ethical Wall - Policy engine applying communication controls
    • Data Loss Prevention and Anti-Malware - Using internal engine or integration with leading vendors
    • eDiscovery – Archive to cloud or on site
    • Risk Engine - Powered by user behavior analytics and geolocation rules (requires ADFS proxy setup)
    • Conditional Access- Validate device compliance level with MDM/EMM providers (requires ADFS proxy setup)

    For more Webex platform integrations, visit the Webex App Hub.