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Collaboration for Corporate Travel

Reduce travel costs with online meetings

Use online meetings to reduce travel spending. From busy executives to front-line employees, less time on the road can mean higher productivity and reduced travel expenditures. Audio and video conferencing enables multiple participants to join meetings from a distance instead of traveling to a single location. The result is more collaboration without wasted travel time.

Video conferencing saves travel costs

Corporations rack up travel costs trying to unite their people and connect to customers. The cost of travel is more than just the high prices of flights and hotels. Time spent travelling could be instead spent working or with family. The emissions from travelling contribute to your environmental impact. Reduced travel means saving money, time, and emissions.

Collaborate more, travel less

Face time, anytime

Online meetings allow people to collaborate from anywhere, on any device. Bring employees, partners, and customers together online with secure voice, video, and content sharing.Don’'t waste hours with cramped knees and noisy plane neighbors. Save time and money with digital audio and video meetings.

Get face to face

Video devices help keep the personal element of remote meetings by creating an in-person experience over distance. Reduce travel, but maintain relationships with high quality audio and video.

Simplify training

Bringing people together for training no longer has to mean a week out of the office. Video collaboration allows employees to meet for training and company events without traveling to a central location.

Stay connected

The more connected your team culture is, the less travel needed for off-site meetings. Stay connected with group chat, video meetings, and file sharing--all  in one app.

Less travel means less emissions

Environmental firm Domani, environmental firm, created a calculator thato helps you reduce costs and carbon impact.

More training, less traveling

"Because we have so many nurses and coworkers that are scattered about, we can actually just do our Webex trainings. It decreases travel time, and yet increases continuity."

Nancy Rikard, Clinical Manager, Mercy Virtual