Collaboration for Corporate Travel

Reduce Travel without Damaging Relationships

In recent years, rising travel prices have dramatically increased the costs of business travel. Rethink your travel programs and policies. You want to minimize travel costs while simultaneously increasing productivity. Consider alternatives such as video conferencing and online meetings. Many organizations have committed to objectives such as:

  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Support environmental sustainability

Explore how you can use technology to reduce travel expenses while supporting collaboration and increasing productivity with our Use Case Tool.

Travel Case Studies

Read real-world stories from organizations using collaboration to improve engagement and productivity.

  • Bauer reduces cost of doing business

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Explore Collaboration for Business Roles

Address business priorities by improving collaboration.

5 Benefits of Better Video Conferencing

Maintain quality relationships with clients without costly travel or delays.

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What Improving Collaboration Won't Cost

Learn more about the real cost of travel and the benefits of video conferencing.

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