Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture

Simplify Mobile Collaboration

Use Cisco Expressway and Cisco Jabber to collaborate like you're in the office.

Simplify Mobile Collaboration

Help Enable Any-to-Any Collaboration

No matter what size your organization is, Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture can help you collaborate with anyone anywhere, on any device, using any workload.

This architecture combines the capabilities of Cisco gateway offerings with the core capabilities of Cisco Collaboration solutions and the network. Together, they can help you break down barriers and collaborate effectively, using the most comprehensive any-to-any solution on the market today.

Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture helps improve the end-user experience while offering security, ease of deployment, and open-standards interoperability.

Be Productive Outside the Office

Simplify the experience and extend the benefits of in-office collaboration to mobile workers and teleworkers.

No One Left Behind

Extend rich collaboration capabilities to anyone, even if they are not using the same endpoint or system. Standards-based interoperability also provides investment protection.

Simple, Highly Secure Deployments

Build multi-service solutions to connect the enterprise to outside users through highly secure, encrypted firewall traversal and connectivity to the PSTN.

The Collaboration Edge Architecture supports a variety of use cases.

  • Mobile and teleworker collaboration: Teleworkers and mobile Jabber users can collaborate easily on any device with no VPN client required.
  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer collaboration: Revolutionize interactions with other organizations and consumers through browser and mobile-based collaboration.
  • IP PSTN and PSTN connectivity: Communicate with anyone using service provider time-division multiplexing (TDM) or SIP trunking.
  • Intra-enterprise connectivity: Help users on legacy private branch exchanges (PBXs), IP PBXs, and third-party devices collaborate.
  • Cloud connectivity: Connect to the cloud for benefits such as Cisco WebEx and Cisco TelePresence technologies together.

Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture helps enable many important solutions:

  • Mobility and BYOD

    Extend the benefits of multimedia collaboration outside the corporate office on any device, anywhere, to help maintain employee productivity.

  • Cisco WebEx and TelePresence

    Combine these two powerful collaboration solutions, and people can easily work together anywhere, with various endpoints and devices, including mobile.

  • Teleworkers

    Deliver all the benefits of the corporate office to the home office through highly secure multimedia collaboration.

  • Branch Offices

    Create highly secure, reliable branch office collaboration by using a range of endpoints.

  • Business to Consumer or Busines to Business

    Create relationships with your customers by collaborating in the way that they want, whether it is through voice, instant messaging, video, or content sharing.

  • Remote Expert

    Identify, locate, and connect with experts whenever you need them. Share expertise efficiently with customers, employees, and partners.

Provide Collaboration to Anyone

Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture is currently the industry’s most comprehensive any-to-any collaboration solution on the market. It is ideal for customers of all sizes, from a small business to the largest of enterprises. This solution breaks down barriers to help organizations collaborate with anyone anywhere, on any device, using any workload.

Use the Collaboration Edge Architecture to:

  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Compete more effectively
  • Start conversations with line-of-business buyers

Increase Revenue Opportunities

Use the edge infrastructure to help your customers collaborate with whomever they want, when they want, and how they want. This architecture has solutions for Cisco call control customers, and also for customers using third-party call control.

Compete More Effectively

Use the entire architecture to show how we are solving the most difficult problems of any-to-any collaboration.

Start Conversations with Line-of-Business Buyers

Use the new Cisco Expressway capabilities as a conversation starter with line-of-business buyers. Talk about WebRTC and the possibilities that it offers to their organization. Also, talk about how mobile, remote worker, and business-to-business applications can improve the productivity of their workforce.