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Cisco Support Services for Collaboration

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Updated:February 18, 2022

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Available Languages

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    (176.1 KB)
    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:February 18, 2022

Table of Contents



Make the most of your collaboration investments

Collaboration plays a central role in business transformation, but it can also bring new challenges as your business and technology evolve. Cisco can help ensure that your collaboration strategy continually advances your business.

Save time and resources by letting Cisco support your entire collaboration ecosystem, so your teams don’t have to. Minimize business disruptions by resolving issues much more quickly. Increase user adoption and satisfaction with friendly, expert technical and nontechnical assistance. And get ongoing proactive guidance to maximize the value of your investments.

No matter how many components make up your Cisco Collaboration solution or where you are in your cloud transformation journey, you get a unified, consistent, and personalized support experience across your infrastructure.

      One that extends across all Cisco Collaboration products—from meetings to calling to contact center to devices—and even includes coordinating multivendor support for third-party partner products;*

      Across all deployment models—on premises, hybrid, cloud, and customer-hosted;

      And across all licensing models, perpetual and subscription.

* Cisco Solution Support Alliance partner products only.


      Improve uptime and availability with expert collaboration support from Cisco

      Increase IT productivity by letting Cisco support your multivendor collaboration ecosystem and end users

      Deliver an outstanding collaboration experience with friendly, expert technical and nontechnical help whenever users need it

      Accelerate time to value with Cisco helping you continually identify and overcome barriers to business objectives

      Capitalize on cloud agility by letting Cisco worry about new changes, features, and software releases so your team doesn’t have to

      Innovate with confidence with Cisco experts working side-by-side with your team to launch new collaboration initiatives more successfully, with less risk

Choose the right level of support for your business

Every business follows its own path. No matter where you are in your unique transformation journey or what your goals are for collaboration, we can help you achieve them faster, with lower costs and risk.

      When you just need a streamlined, differentiated experience that protects your investment and helps you resolve issues more quickly, Solution Support is a great choice.

      If you want all of that, but with direct access to trusted Cisco experts, choose Software Support Enhanced.

      If you want the freedom to innovate and optimize your business with less risk, backed by Cisco technical experts working as an extension of your IT team, then Software Support Premium can give you that assurance.

The following table aligns the key features to each level of service.

Key features

Support Services for Collaboration

Solution Support

Software Support Enhanced

Software Support Premium

Dedicated help desk for users and administrators

Dedicated Solution Support team

Multivendor support coordination1

Business and technical reviews




Assistance and guidance for solution lifecycle


Business consultations from experts




Cisco technical experts serve as trusted advisors



Designated or dedicated

Personalized support experience



Escalation and incident management for Severity 1 and 2 incidents



1 For Solution Support Alliance partners only

Whichever level you choose, the service scales with your business and deployment. The more you grow, the more value you’ll get from Support Services for Collaboration.

Note:      Software Support Enhanced and Software Support Premium levels apply to software only; expanded service components do not extend to devices.

Accelerate your business transformation

Do you have the right resources in place to power your business transformation? As your collaboration solution evolves, you’ll need to address ongoing technical, product, and change management requirements. Why invest in turning your team into Cisco collaboration experts? Let Cisco support your solution and users so your team can focus on your strategic priorities.

For more information, download a detailed Service Definition.




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