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Cisco Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement

Security that's simple to buy

The Cisco Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement gives you the flexibility to buy only what you need, manage everything in one simple agreement, and receive instant savings—all while quickly improving your security.

Simple to use, simple to choose

Radically simplify your security with an integrated platform approach and a flexible enterprise agreement. 

One simple agreement

Easily manage everything in one portal.

Activate security fast

Access products and services whenever you need them.

Instant cost savings

Get price protection, with deeper discounts as you add additional products.

Flexible payments

Pay annually, as you go, over three or five years, with 0% financing.

Choose any two products

Choose what to buy and receive deeper discounts—up to 20 percent—as you add more products to your agreement. As a bonus, you get the built-in Cisco SecureX platform with every Cisco Secure product activation. ( * indicates an optional product suite that does not count toward the two-product minimum for Secure Choice EA.)

Network security

  • Cisco Secure Firewall (formerly NGFW)
  • Cisco Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch)
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Cisco Secure Web Appliance (formerly Web Security)
  • Kenna Security
  • *Cisco AnyConnect
  • *Cisco Defense Orchestrator
  • *Cisco Cyber Vision

User and endpoint protection

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint (formerly AMP for Endpoints)
  • Cisco Secure Email (formerly Email Security)
  • Cisco Secure Access by Duo
  • Kenna Security
  • *Cisco Secure Malware Analytics (formerly Threat Grid)
  • *Cisco Secure Endpoint Virtual Private Cloud
  • *Cisco Talos Incident Response

Cloud edge

  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Cisco Cloudlock
  • Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch Cloud)
  • Kenna Security

App security

  • Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Tetration)
  • Kenna Security

Build secure solutions with flexible buying

Secure access service edge (SASE)

In the modern hybrid workplace, people work from anywhere, use multiple devices, and access applications inside and outside the organization's network. Cisco offers a comprehensive approach that combines our best-in-class security, client connectivity, network, and observability capabilities into a single subscription service.

Every SASE journey is unique. With Secure Choice, you have the flexibility to purchase only the security products you need to craft the right solution for you. We can help you start your Cisco SASE journey with:

Extended detection and response (XDR)

Only Cisco helps you realize the promise of XDR today, using your current environment. By streamlining your security operations with our platform approach, your security teams can make more confident and effective decisions. Accelerate your XDR journey with instant savings. Buy your security products through Secure Choice, including:

Zero trust

Zero-trust security reflects a changing IT reality: Boundaries that once existed to accessing corporate data and applications no longer exist. Organizations know that establishing a "Never Trust, Always Verify" policy may not be easy, but it's essential. And with Cisco Zero Trust, there's no need to compromise productivity when implementing your zero-trust strategy. We can help you implement a zero-trust model that secures access—for users and devices across the edge and beyond—in a way that frustrates attackers, not employees.

Begin your zero-trust journey today by buying through Secure Choice. Our Enterprise Agreement allows you the flexibility to access two or more security products:

What's different about Cisco?

Don't pay as you grow

Growth is built in. True Forward lets you adjust consumption at your next billing cycle.

Buy it your way

We make it easy to add more products to your Secure Choice EA. You can also easily add security to the overall Cisco EA.

Get a built-in platform

Simplify your security experience by activating Cisco SecureX, the broadest, most integrated platform experience.