Cisco Vulnerability Management

Cisco Vulnerability Management (formerly Kenna.VM)

Risk prioritization powered by intelligence

As threats multiply and environments become more complex, resources remain finite. Prioritize your risks and make better decisions faster with risk-based vulnerability management.

Focus your resources on the risks that matter most

Cisco Vulnerability Management equips you with the contextual insight and threat intelligence needed to intercept the next exploit and respond with precision.

Reduce risk

Prioritization is no longer a dark art—it's data science. Advanced algorithms, combined with rich internal and external intel, offer recommended fixes that will lower risk in as few moves as possible.

Predict and prevent the next exploit

Track vulnerability fluctuations and forecast weaponization with up to 94% accuracy, giving you the chance to remediate high-risk vulnerabilities before bad actors can mount an attack. 

Assess the full threat landscape

With more than 19 threat intelligence feeds at your fingertips, you gain a comprehensive view of emerging threats, shifting trends, and your own risk profile.

Improve efficiency and communication

A single source of data-verified truth aligns security and IT, eliminating friction and freeing up resources. And intuitive, simplified risk scores help you generate reports anyone can understand.

UI of risk-based vulnerability management demo

Cisco Vulnerability Management overview

Vulnerability Management GUI

A self-guided demo of Cisco Vulnerability Management

Explore Cisco Vulnerability Management on your own. See how we help you centralize vulnerability and asset information, prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter most, streamline remediation efforts, and report on progress to key stakeholders.

Explore Cisco Vulnerability Management integrations

Endpoint security chart

Risk-based endpoint security with Cisco Secure Endpoint

Cisco Vulnerability Management integrates with Cisco Secure Endpoint for vulnerability detection and prioritization.

Zero-day intelligence chart

Rich threat intelligence with Talos

Discover how Cisco Talos equips teams with zero-day vulnerability intelligence.

Cisco XDR chart

Simplify your SOC with Cisco XDR

Cisco XDR detects and responds to threats faster, boosting your risk-based vulnerability management.

Cisco Vulnerability Management Licensing

Cisco Vulnerability Management


Advantage offers an effective, efficient way to reduce your risk profile using risk-based prioritization powered by data science.

Key features:

  • Pulling data from existing tools, such as scanners
  • Identifying vulnerabilities that will reduce your risk
  • Creating a self-service environment for IT teams
  • Setting intelligent SLAs based on your risk tolerance
  • Comparing your risk posture against industry peers
  • Delivering clear reports with intuitive metrics


Cisco Vulnerability Management


Step up to Premier to achieve a steady state of rapid response and low risk profile with more nuanced threat understanding and optimized vulnerability management workflows.

Includes all features of Advantage, plus:

  • Measuring remediation performance
  • Responding to new vulnerabilities faster
  • Conducting research and enriching workflows

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