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Cisco Smart Software Licensing

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What is Cisco Smart Software Licensing?

Cisco Smart Software Licensing is a standardized licensing platform that will make it easier to deploy and manage Cisco software. This platform will support flexible software consumption models, including:

  • Own Up-Front (perpetual)
  • Upgrade and Support Over Time
  • Subscription
  • Utility (pay as you go)

What are the customer concerns that Cisco Smart Software Licensing will address?

Some of the pain points that Cisco Smart Software Licensing will address are:

  • Lack of visibility into a customer's or partner's installed base
  • Difficult Product Activation Key (PAK) manual processes
  • Product complexity with multiple licensing methodologies
  • Ongoing operational costs to manage licenses

Can you describe some of the benefits of Cisco Smart Software Licensing?

  • Leverage a standard licensing platform to support a range of consumption models
  • Reduce cycle time with activation and registration that are automatic, instead of manual
  • Obtain visibility of software consumption (what's purchased and what's deployed) across your network
  • Eliminate the need for return materials authorization (RMA) or rehosting action
  • Make changes within minutes, instead of days or weeks

What are some of the capabilities and features of Cisco Smart Software Licensing?

All products will automatically register upon installation and configuration. Customers and partner's dont need any Product Activation Keys (PAKs) or license key intervention. A cloud based portal will provide you visibility into what you've purchased and what you've deployed within your network. Licenses are no longer node-locked to your device. Through Smart Licensing you can also create license pools (logical grouping of entitlements) to reflect your organization structure.

When will Cisco Smart Software Licensing be available?

Cisco Smart Software Licensing will be available in certain products in the fall of 2013. We will continue to add products over time and will eventually cover most Cisco products.

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