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Cisco Software Support for Security At a Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:January 22, 2021

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Updated:January 22, 2021

Table of Contents



Fast track the benefits of your security software solution

In today’s ever-connected mobile world, the imperative for a defensible security posture is a top priority. Managing security can seem overwhelming when faced with dynamic, sophisticated threats and increasing IT complexities. You invested in security software from Cisco to help you protect your environment and mitigate risks. It doesn’t stop there. You want to make sure that you get the most value from your Cisco® security products, and if issues arise, you can get the support you need to keep your business running smoothly. That’s where Cisco Software Support comes in.

Cisco Software Support helps you speed the time to use your security software, increase technical adoption, and maximize the full benefits of your investment faster. We team with you to understand your IT environment and adoption goals, provide proactive support, and take corrective action to quickly resolve and often preempt and avoid issues.

With three service levels to choose from, you can select the right support service for your business. Each upgraded service level provides incremental benefits, including faster support times from highly skilled engineers with solution-level expertise, priority case handling, technical onboarding and adoption, and proactive services that can reduce risks and improve your security posture.

Table 1 describes what’s included with Software Support for Security within each service level.

Table 1.        Software Support deliverables

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      Maximize value faster - Speed onboarding, adoption, and use of your security investment.

      Reduce risk - Proactive support helps prevent problems, and faster response times facilitate a quick mean time to resolution in the event of any issues.

      Improve security posture - Maintain a highly secure and reliable network from Cisco and partner experts who know your IT environment.

Choose the right service level to fit your business needs

Software Support Basic service is included in security product subscriptions and includes 24x7 technical assistance, software updates, and access to online resources.

For faster response times to support uptime and compliance objectives, Cisco recommends Software Support Enhanced or Premium service levels. The Enhanced and Premium service levels provide direct access to a highly skilled engineer, who understands multiproduct / multivendor security solutions, and will assist with triaging an issue on your behalf. He/she will serve as a primary point of contact, will coordinate support between Cisco and Solution Support Alliance partners if required, and manage your case to resolution.

Software Support Enhanced and Premium service levels are especially beneficial if you need faster deployment of your software and help with adopting features that will mean the most to your business. With technical onboarding, your SecOps team receives guidance on configuring and integrating your Cisco security software into your IT environment so that your infrastructure remains safe and workloads are secured wherever they are running, 24/7. With technical adoption assistance, your IT team can increase protection against threats and make sure you are realizing the maximum value from your security investment.

And we don’t stop there. We also help you manage the lifecycle of your software by providing periodic configuration reviews and technical reviews. These reviews give your team an ongoing opportunity to ask questions of our experts and be proactive about reducing downtime and future calls to our support center.

Case study

Software Support Premium service helps a growing energy company enhance cloud email security and threat response.

Customer situation:

      Rapidly growing company had a fragmented and decentralized technology infrastructure

      Its resource-constrained IT team struggled to integrate its security products into its infrastructure and manage security

      The energy company was experiencing slower response times to email threat compromises and policy violations and needed a more robust solution


      Cisco Cloud Email Security

      Cisco Software Support Premium

Cisco Software Support Premium service provided guidance to the IT team for configuring and integrating Cisco Cloud Email Security into the company’s environment and verified policies were correctly set up and could be properly enforced. An assigned software support expert quickly identified and resolved an issue with a third-party tool for email synching in groups and delivered recommendations for performance tuning to mitigate service disruptions and future issues.

Business outcomes:

      Efficiency gains from improved threat detection, incident resolution, and reduced end-user downtime

      20 percent IT staff productivity gains

      Standardization, simplification, and automation of policy management, breach, and threat detection

      Improved regulatory compliance

      Improved agility and ability to scale security policies

      Enabled more secure IT environment

Next steps

Your Cisco account manager or Cisco authorized reseller can help you choose between the Basic, Enhanced, and Premium service levels. To learn more about Software Support for Security, and the products supported, view the Software Support data sheet. For additional information, contact your account manager or an authorized Cisco reseller.




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