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Updated:March 2, 2022

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Updated:March 2, 2022

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When you are responsible for keeping your organization’s technology running, you need easy access to expert troubleshooting support to minimize downtime if there is a network disruption or a hardware failure. In addition, you and your team must track inventory, keep your equipment up to date, and stay current with updates and patches, which means you also need instant visibility into the current state of your infrastructure.

Coverage you can count on

Rely on Cisco Smart Net Total Care, a service that provides fast, expert technical support and flexible hardware coverage delivered by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to get you back to business fast. With its integrated smart capabilities, you also unlock insight into current details about your installed base, contracts, and security alerts to enhance the efficiency of your support workflows.

Cisco TAC experts are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, along with multiple online self-help resources, including our extensive knowledge library, operating system software downloads, and support tools designed to help you resolve network issues quickly, often without opening a case. You can also choose from a range of advance hardware replacement options, whether you need equipment in as few as two hours or prefer the next calendar day level, which keeps you covered seven days a week, including holidays.

Smart capabilities are delivered through the Smart Net Total Care portal, providing actionable reports and automation to support your Cisco products. Customizable screens show you up-to-date information about the service coverage, product lifecycles, and alerts that apply to your network.

Together, these technical support and smart capabilities can help you resolve problems more quickly, mitigate risk, and improve operational efficiency.


     Resolve problems faster by identifying issues quickly and streamlining your incident management processes to improve IT service levels

     Reduce risk through access to Cisco technical experts and smart tools that improve visibility into the state of your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

     Stay current with operating system updates and patches

     Increase operational efficiency through management tools and automated processes

Smart capabilities extend the value of foundational support

Transform your technical support experience

The technical support capabilities and insights included with Smart Net Total Care drive smart workflows that help you resolve problems faster, improve operational support margins, and reduce risk.

     Technical service and incident management provides access to Cisco expertise to resolve incidents quickly. The Cisco TAC can assist with product use, configuration, and troubleshooting issues

     Security and product alerts management helps identify and manage alerts relevant to your network, reducing continuity risk

     Service coverage management helps you quickly and easily ensure critical assets have the necessary support levels to meet your business needs and comply with corporate policies

     Product lifecycle management gives you an up-to-date view of your Cisco installed base. This makes it easier to maintain proper device configurations, identify end-of-life hardware, and plan for needed product upgrades

Outstanding customer service

Recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for providing an “Outstanding Customer Service Experience,” Cisco is the only company to have achieved CTSS certification 14 times. Our service provides troubleshooting support, advance hardware replacement options, and extensive self-help along with smart capabilities that improve support staff efficiency.

“With a lean IT organization, the automation on the Smart Net Total Care back end makes a small team’s performance large in execution and impossible to do otherwise. It’s a force multiplier!”

John Baldwin

Pella IT Manager for Infrastructure
Projects and Architectures

Example outcomes include:1

     28% more efficient IT networking / infrastructure teams

     Almost 2.5x more time spent on innovation

Next steps

For more information about Smart Net Total Care, visit or contact your local account representative. You can also find resources such as videos, training, and case studies and interact with other users in discussion forums on the Smart Net Total Care Community.





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