Partner transformation

Increase engagement and value

Transform your business to meet customers’ changing needs—and grow more profitable.

Why transform your business with Cisco?

Meeting shifting customer expectations requires a transformative approach.

Your customers want end-to-end, tailored solutions that solve business problems. They want greater flexibility in how they buy and consume, and faster time to value. How can Cisco help you serve them profitably?

  • Partner with Cisco and take advantage of our collective strength
  • Build and expand on your current business
  • Lead with a business-outcome approach
  • Invest in new capabilities and cross-architecture solutions
  • Differentiate yourself with unique intellectual property and services
  • Sell into new markets and serve buyers beyond IT

Benefits of partner transformation

New experiences

Create innovative new experiences and delight your customers.

Stronger engagement

Keep ahead of new and growing routes to market with stronger customer engagement.

Greater value

Win more deals and increase profitability by delivering greater value across the customer lifecycle.

Transforming your business with Cisco

Partner profitability is Cisco’s #1 priority. We’ve developed partner resources to help you deliver value throughout the customer lifecycle—and thrive in the new competitive landscape. Transform via three primary strategies:

What is transformation worth to your business?

Calculate the financial impact of transformation over the next five years.


Cumulative revenue over five years


Larger deals when ecosystem partners are involved


Greater growth for partners that sell cross-architecturally

The statements made here are directional estimates only. Cisco does not warrant their accuracy, and they are not guarantees or promises of future performance. See Cisco’s privacy statement.

Partner success stories

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Hear how a system integrator partner developed a new practice to increase a subscription model business.

Trends partner success story

Hear how one Cisco partner benefited from changing its business model to include value-added services.

E-Tech System partner success story

Learn how E-Tech continuously develops solutions and services tailored to the needs of its customers.