Unified CCX Licenses
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Unified CCX Licenses

Unified CCX Licenses

The Unified CCX licenses are based on a string called the license MAC, which is different from the physical MAC address of a system. License MAC is dependent on the system parameters. A modification to any of the parameters can change license MAC, thereby invalidating current License files. The following are the parameters on which the validity of a license MAC depends:
  • Time zone

  • NTP server 1 (or none)

  • NIC speed (or auto)

  • Hostname

  • IP Address

  • IP Mask

  • Gateway Address

  • Primary DNS

  • SMTP server

  • Certificate Information (Organization, Unit, Location, State, Country)


The Unified CCX Warm Standby license and all other licenses are node-locked to the License MAC address of the first node (typically the Database Publisher node) of a Unified CCX cluster. When a second node is added, the verification of a valid add-on Warm Standby license on the first node is performed. After the cluster is set up, the licenses are valid on both the nodes in a cluster.

Demo Licenses

The Unified CCX Installation DVD is bundled with a 25 seat premium demo license, which is valid for 60 days and includes all the features.

Obtain License MAC Before Installation

To obtain license MAC before you install Unified CCX, perform the following steps:

    Step 1   Open the answer file generation page: http:/​/​www.cisco.com/​web/​cuc_afg/​index.html.
    Step 2   Fill in the fields with your product information and click Generate Answer Files & License MAC button to obtain the license MAC.
    Step 3   On the License Registration page at http:/​/​www.cisco.com/​go/​license enter the Product Authorization Key (PAK) that came with the Unified CCX product or that you received when you placed your order by phone.
    Step 4   Click Submit and follow instructions on the screen.
    Step 5   Enter the license MAC of the first node of the Unified CCX cluster.
    Step 6   Enter a valid email address and the number of nodes for which you need licenses.

    Unified CCX supports only node-locked licenses. However, Unified CCX continues to recognize the existing licenses that are used for Unified CCX versions earlier than 9.0(1) on an upgraded system only if an upgrade license is also present.

    Step 7   Upload the license file to the server.

    For more information on how to upload a license file and view license information, see the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Administration Guide, available here:


    Obtain License MAC After Installation

    Use Command Line Interface

      Step 1   Log in to the Unified CCX system CLI using Unified CCX Administrator credentials.
      Step 2   Run show status command.

      Output of this command contains the license MAC.

      Using Administrator Web Interface

        Step 1   Login to the Unified CCX Administrator web interface using Unified CCX Administrator credentials.
        Step 2   Click System > License Information > Display License(s) and obtain the license MAC.

        Upload Licenses

        Software for all of the Unified CCX feature components are loaded on the system during installation. However, no feature is available for use unless a license for that feature is added and activated.

        You can upload and display licenses using the License Information page. To upload a license, complete the following steps.

          Step 1   From the Unified CCX Administration menu bar, choose System > License Information > Add License(s).

          The License Information web page opens.

          Step 2   Specify a License file or click Browse to locate a file.

          You can either specify a single file with a .lic extension or a .zip file containing multiple .lic files.


          While you are upgrading from a previous release, if there are multiple licenses, Cisco recommends that you zip all the .lic files into a single .zip file and then upload the zip file. If specifying a .zip file, ensure that all .lic files that need to be added are in the root of the .zip file and are not in subfolders in the .zip file.

          Step 3   Click Upload.

          On successful upload of the license, you will see the following confirmation message in the status bar at the top of this web page : License has been uploaded successfully

          If you upload an Add-on license to increase the existing licensed Outbound IVR ports, the following message will be displayed :

          As the number of licensed Outbound IVR Ports have increased, please increase the number of ports in the Outbound Call Control Group to utilize all the licensed ports.

          License Grace Period

          If your License MAC becomes invalid, request a new license. The system continues to operate for 30 days without a new license. After the 30-day grace period ends, the system shuts down until you upload a new license using the updated License MAC. After you obtain rehosted licenses, upload them using the Add License page of the Unified CCX Administration web interface.