Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI)

Get Virtual Workspaces with an Integrated Approach

Use the Cisco Virtual Workspace (VXI) Smart Solution for a virtualized approach to the Cisco Unified Workspace strategy. The VXI solution roadmap, which is developed in collaboration with ecosystem partners such as Citrix and VMware, evolves to meet quickly changing workspace requirements.

With this solution, your IT staff can build many projects, from virtual desktops to more complete virtual workspace and workspace-as-service deployments. Backed by validated designs, desktop virtualization services and support, Cisco VXI helps IT reduce implementation risks and simplifies deployment.

Successfully Deploy a Virtual Workspace

With end-to-end solutions and system planning that are based on the Cisco Virtual Workspace (VXI) Validated Design, you can successfully deploy a virtual workspace. This comprehensive approach helps you move from traditional desktops and communications to virtual desktops and virtual workspaces.

Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solutions are based on the industry-leading Cisco Unified Data Center infrastructure and compute platform (Unified Computing System). All are optimized for desktop virtualization.

In addition, successful deployment is also based on:

Support Various Industry Requirements

Cisco desktop and workspace virtualization solutions support the specific needs of multiple industries and organizations, including:

  • Healthcare: Clinician mobility between desktops and terminals, compliance, and cost-reduction initiatives
  • U.S. government: Teleworking initiatives, business continuity strategies, continuity of operations strategies, agency IT consolidation, and training centers
  • State and local governments: IT and service consolidation across agencies and interagency security initiatives
  • Financial services: Retail banks reducing IT costs, insurance agents, compliance initiatives, and privacy requirements
  • Manufacturing: Task and knowledge workers and offshore contractors
  • Higher education and Schools: Higher education access, virtual labs, student dorms, and remote learning, K-12 access and remote learning.

Virtualization Experience Infrastructure

Desktop Virtualization Collaboration Desktop Virtualization with Citrix Desktop Virtualization with VMware Ecosystem Partners

Technical Resources

VXI Validated Designs


Desktop Virtualization Services

Cisco VXI with Citrix XenDesktop


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Cisco VXI - Before and After User Experience


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