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Security Options Abound: New NAC Release

Security Options Abound: New NAC Release

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TechWiseTV Podcast, episode 198 (20:00 min)
New network access control features don't just improve security. What do you really need to know? TechWiseTV asks Alok Agrawal from the Cisco NAC business unit and Jamie Sanbower, author of the NAC Appliance blog.

Technology Focus: Routing and Switching

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ANNOUNCER: You are listening to a TechWiseTV podcast on the Cisco Interaction Network.

[ Music ]

ROBB BOYD: Hey guys, welcome back. This is Rob Boyd and Jimmy Ray Purser. Hi dude. How you doing, man? That was your cue, and --

[Multiple voices speaking ]

ROBB BOYD: Well, we're back with another podcast, and the subject today is this new release of NAC 4.5. Right? NAC being network admission control, and that voice, by the way, which probably wasn't enough for anybody to really get a grab on it yet, but you just never know. Because he's very popular in strange corners of the world. But joining us physically in the studio Aloc Agwal [Phonetic]. Used to be simply a NAC product manager, but he's been moving up in the world and he's managing -- product line manager now. Over NAC, you've got us here to keep us honest and teach us a little bit about 4.5, welcome.

ALOC AGWAL: Hey Rob, hey Jimmy.

ROBB BOYD: Hey buddy, how are you doing? Good to see you again, man.

ALOC AGWAL: Pretty good. Always good to be back here, very excited.


ROBB BOYD: Well, we're glad to have you, and you know, We've had you on a couple different shows and we always enjoyed chit chatting with you, and this new release is our excuse to do this again this time. But also just to screw things up just a little bit -- I don't know, that's probably not fair Jimmy, is it , we've got a guest on line one, because I think we only have one line, but Jamie Sandbar, welcome.


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