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Cisco ACI Customer Stories

Cisco ACI Customer Stories

Cisco ACI
Customer Stories

See how our customers are changing the world.
Changing the way America cares for
neglected children and families

Boys Town, USA

Boys Town of America, founded in 1917, continues to help abused and neglected children and families. Boys Town has grown to 12 establishments, with each site offering its own set of services. Most donations are invested directly in front-line services, and the IT organization is lean and under-resourced. Their existing infrastructure was aging, and the complexity of the network itself was growing as the need to add new users and locations kept increasing. The organization urgently needed to build a shared, but automated infrastructure that could support a multitenant environment with the highest levels of security.

Innovating with Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) helped Boys Town quickly add new services while reducing IT effort, risk, and time-to-market. Cisco ACI simplified network operation, and enabled an automated and secure multitenant network to quickly add new users and locations while protecting confidential data.

We chose Cisco and ACI not for cost-cutting or profit-making. It’s about choosing technology that helps us accomplish our mission to change the way America cares for at-risk children.

Jamie Pearson
Vice President for Information Technology
at Boys Town

Bank Central Asia accelerates service
innovation with Cisco ACI

Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Convenience and reliability are essential to banking customers. A fragmented or frustrating customer experience can have debilitating consequences in an increasingly competitive market. Bank Central Asia (BCA) differentiates its products by offering a state-of-the-art banking network proactively adapted to its transaction banking systems, and it deploys new technologies to deliver new services and applications. However, the bank’s aging network infrastructure prevented deployment of new systems and services. Lack of network visibility made quickly troubleshooting problems a challenge. The need to perform tasks manually reduced overall productivity and operation efficiency.

Cisco ACI, with its policy-based automation and centralized management capabilities, replaced manual tasks, accelerating infrastructure deployment and improving business, customer, and application development processes. This increased speed and agility allowed BCA to dynamically allocate network resources as needed within minutes without having to make time-consuming manual changes to the physical infrastructure. Additionally, Cisco ACI has improved infrastructure visibility and troubleshooting capabilities, enabling IT teams to quickly identify and address problems based on the root cause. Issues that took hours or even days to address can now be identified and resolved within minutes. This partnership also strengthened the bank’s security posture—essential when dealing with sensitive customer and financial information.

In the past, we spent most of our time fulfilling requests from the server and application teams. Now we have the time to try new things, explore new products and features, and enhance our underlying systems and overall security posture.

Lily Wongso
Data center network manager at BCA

Building a smarter digital county
with Cisco ACI

Durham County

Durham County has a strong commitment to providing fast access to public services for residents and businesses. Community life is easier with anywhere, anytime access to digital services, such as mobile applications to pay utility bills, apply for marriage licenses and birth certificates, and submit documents. However, the current network was not designed to quickly build and deploy applications. The county had two options: retrofit its current model with additional hardware, or completely change the design and find new ways to deliver services to its citizens.

Durham County chose Cisco ACI to help modernize its network. With Cisco ACI, the county automated data center processes, enabled easier management, provided greater security, increased network visibility, and better integrated disaster-recovery processes for business continuity.

Before, the IT team used to spend 80 percent of its time just keeping the lights on, and only 20 percent on service development.

With ACI we’ve flipped that model and spend much more time innovating.

Seth Price
Senior network engineer and
architect for Durham County

NTT America enables digital transformation
with data center transformation

NTT America

NTT America, a 20-year-old veteran IT service provider, faced increasing cost pressure from low-cost cloud service providers. The company changed its business model and offered a flexible portfolio of managed services tailored to key vertical markets.

However, succeeding with these new services meant transforming its data centers with a focus on greater security and performance. Multitenancy is essential to keeping managed service platforms cost effective. Cisco ACI enabled NTT to gain the efficiencies of multitenancy while providing tailored networks to each of its customers.

With Cisco ACI, NTT America more easily scales its service delivery while reducing costs and can support the multiple compliance needs of its customers.

By modernizing its data center, NTT America reduced infrastructure scale-out times by 40 percent, reduced service set-up times from hours to minutes, and improved customer onboarding to three days or less.

We deployed a solution for a financial customer—it was complex, with stringent compliance and security parameters.

Cisco ACI enabled us to deploy it in half the expected time, and the customer was thrilled.

Indranil Sengupta
Vice President of Product
Engineering and Operations at
NTT America

VECOZO brings digital innovation to Dutch

VECOZO Health Care

VECOZO, in the Netherlands, operates the Dutch national portal for data exchange (entitlement check, billing, and other services) between healthcare providers and insurers. In 2016, VECOZO processed more than 2 billion digital messages across 30 services with 42,000 connected health providers (118,000 users) and processed digital invoices totaling 69 billion euros.

As customers across the healthcare chain demanded better and faster digital access, VECOZO encountered a steep rise in new application needs and increased network traffic. The company quickly realized that a new IT model was needed to meet key requirements: faster time to market and 24/7 uptime.

To address the growing demand for applications and the increasing network loads in its data center, VECOZO chose to deploy a joint solution based on Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler as a next-generation foundation. With Cisco ACI, VECOZO now delivers new services with more efficiency, up to five times faster application deployment with greater security and reliability, and a robust process to help ensure compliance. Overall total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower with a smaller, greener data center footprint. The business is also easier to manage because operation silos have been eliminated and IT costs are more predictable.

We’ve been able to grow our infrastructure and services by 50 percent with the same headcount thanks to Cisco ACI and its partner ecosystem.

André Beerendonk
Team leader at VECOZO

More than 4,000 customers have turned to Cisco ACI for innovative methods for automating infrastructure, services, and applications. In return, they have gained business agility, reduced security risks, and accelerated their journey to multicloud configurations. These stories represent just a few customer experiences using Cisco ACI.

Application information is the lifeblood of organizations that rely on fast and reliable network processes to distribute data to key stakeholders. Without a secure, reliable, and accelerated delivery process, opportunities to increase revenue, cut costs, reduce transactional risks, and improve security are missed.

Software-defined networking (SDN) helps organizations accelerate application deployment and delivery, dramatically reducing IT costs through policy-enabled workflow automation. SDN technology enables automated, on-demand application delivery and mobility at scale, thereby delivering key data derived from applications.

Cisco ACI, Cisco’s industry-leading SDN solution, offers a unique blend of mapping hardware and software capabilities through a unified application-based policy model.