Cisco Aironet 3600 Series

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Industry's Fastest, Most Reliable Access Point

Get up to 30% faster performance for your tablets, smartphones, and high-performance laptops. The Cisco Aironet 3600 Series is the industry's first and only 4x4 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), 3-spatial-stream access point. It provides superior reliability with data rates up to 450 Mbps per radio


The Cisco Aironet 3600 Series introduces Cisco ClientLink 2.0, boosting performance and range for all 802.11n and 802.11a/g devices, including 1, 2, and 3 spatial stream clients. Building on Cisco's heritage of RF excellence, the Aironet 3600 Series also features Cisco CleanAir technology, enabling proactive spectrum intelligence for a self-healing, self-optimizing network.

Product Highlights

  • 802.11n with 4x4 MIMO technology with three spatial streams, which sustains 450 Mbps rates over a greater range for more capacity and reliability than competing access points
  • MIMO equalization, which optimizes uplink performance and reliability by minimizing the impact of signal fading
  • Cisco ClientLink 2.0 technology to improve performance and capacity on mixed-client networks, helping ensure that all 802.11n and 802.11a/g devices operate at the best possible data rates
  • Cisco CleanAir technology, providing proactive, high-speed spectrum intelligence to combat performance problems due to RF interference
  • Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty, including 10-day advance hardware replacement

Jim Florwick, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

"Only one thing has remained constant in wireless networking, the persistent need for more."

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