Data Centre Analytics and Assurance

Transform the way you build and manage networks. Automate policy enforcement. Always-on network assurance.

What can your data centre do right now?

Application segmentation

Application segmentation

Enforce consistent policy across on-prem data centres, public, and private clouds for application segmentation. Identify compliance deviations in minutes.

Network performance

Network performance

Gain insights on per flow performance including hop-by-hop views to quickly identify network and server bottlenecks.

Open APIs

Open APIs

Easily create custom apps through comprehensive, detailed telemetry data in the data lake. Allow querying information using RESTful API.

Predict change impact

Predict the impact of changes

Make changes confidently by proactively verifying their correctness and reduce risk of network failures caused by human errors.

Network verification

Verify network-wide behavior

Eliminate potential network outages and vulnerabilities before business impact occurs by continuous network verification.

Policy and compliance assurance

Policy and compliance assurance

Reduce security risk by assuring network security policies and check for compliance against business rules.

IDC speaks out about Tetration

IDC speaks out about Tetration

Learn how you can simplify your move to the cloud and deploy whitelist security.


Network Assurance Engine

Cisco Network Assurance Engine

Transform operations in data centre networks to a fundamentally more proactive model with the most comprehensive assurance engine.

Cisco Tetration

Cisco Tetration

Gain visibility into everything in your data centre in real time.

Transforming data centre networks. Again.

Roland Acra, SVP of Data Centre Business Unit, discusses Cisco’s strategy for intent-based networking and how network assurance fits in.

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Intent Based Networking for Data Centre

Accelerate your success

Cisco Services help you quickly achieve value and gain the benefits of comprehensive adoption and optimised policies.

Meet the experts

Network transformation

How continuous assurance will transform networking

Sundar Iyer reveals how Cisco’s Network Assurance Engine will fundamentally transform the way we build and manage networks.

Network visibility

Turn the lights on in the data centre

Cisco GM and SVP Tom Edsall discusses new features of Tetration.

Featured products

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series

Cisco Nexus 9000 Series

View millions of flows in real time at line rate with Nexus 9200-X and 9300-EX platforms.

News and events

Press release

NAE available now

Cisco announces the immediate availability of Network Assurance Engine.

Cisco Live Barcelona

Cisco Live Barcelona Innovation Talk

Learn straight from our customers how we are transforming network operations with Cisco Network Assurance Engine.

Tech Field Day

Featured at Tech Field Day

Join us for a technology deep dive and demo by Sundar Iyer

Tetration’s compelling promises

Tetration’s compelling promises

Tetration offers real-time, secure application segmentation with automated policy.

Monitor data centers in real time

Monitor data centres in real time

Analyse data like never before. Make better decisions with both applications and security.

Superior data center visibility

Gain superior visibility

Get to a secure, zero-trust model for your applications with Cisco Tetration.


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