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Short on time?

Short on time?

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Watch the impact of Stealthwatch in 2 minutes


Watch the impact of Stealthwatch in 2 minutes

Watch 2 minute video to learn how Cisco Stealthwatch outsmarts emerging threats

Need technical information?

Need technical information?

Read the Cisco Stealthwatch data sheet for all the product information you need to know


What is Cisco Stealthwatch?

Outsmarting emerging threats is what Cisco Security is all about. Our Stealthwatch product uses industry-leading machine learning so that you know who is on your network, and what they are doing, using telemetry from your own infrastructure. With Stealthwatch, you can detect advanced threats whilst responding to them quickly, and protect critical data with smarter network segmentation.



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Network Visibility: A New Approach

You can now find that needle in a haystack. Using machine learning and behavioural modelling, find out who is on your network and what they are doing using telemetry from your network. Learn more about this approach

How we use machine learning to protect Cisco

Many companies talk about Machine Learning, but most aren’t willing to talk about what that really means. Here’s Cisco’s Machine Learning techniques for threat hunting: explained.

This video explains what’s involved in our free 2 week risk assessment of your network, and the report at the end which will detail all of your current blind spots.

What you can’t see CAN hurt you

Ransomware, DDoS attacks, insider threats – What you can’t see CAN hurt you (and other network horror stories) is an on demand webinar where you can learn about real life cyber attack scenarios, and how Cisco Stealthwatch can help.

Threat report: defending against today's critical threats

In our recent threat intelligence report, we analyse the cybersecurity trends you need to know about right now

‘Threat of the Month’ e-newsletter

Our Threat Intelligence Newsletter investigates a new cyber attack each month. We focus on attacks that embody a trend, a strategy, or should be brought to the attention of all security practitioners (often it’s all 3!).  Sign up to get these newsletters straight to your inbox every month.

Service Provider Protects Google Cloud Infrastructure with Stealthwatch Cloud

Stealthwatch Cloud was able to pinpoint the needles in the haystack: unusual IPs, traffic to strange countries, denial-of-service attacks, and password brute-force attacks were detected in a test environment.”


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