Halldis Cisco Collaboration case study

"Our houses are your home" For Halldis, travel is personal

Company: Halldis S.p.A

Sector: Travel

Employees: 150

Country: Italy

Company website: https://halldis.com

Solution: Collaboration

Travel is your chance to escape

You’re taken away from the life you know and are transported to a new world with different sights, cultures, and languages.

Whether you’re traveling on a family vacation or jetting off to your next business trip, it’s a chance for a unique and memorable experience. That’s where Halldis comes in. We were founded on a simple premise: the idea, for example, that enjoying a fabulous stay in a beautiful villa in Tuscany shouldn’t be difficult or unaffordable, let alone impossible. 

Based in Italy, the reach of our company initially extended to Rome, Paris, and Brussels. Today, Halldis offers accommodations in major tourist cities all across Europe. We have specialized in the short-term rental market for more than 30 years, and have over 1,850 apartment locations across the world, almost 100 employees and 5 offices across Europe.

Halldis’s core value – “Our houses are your home” – promises a personal, tailored experience that puts people first. As Francesco Iarlori, Head of Innovation & Digital Strategy, explains, Halldis is working to take what we are doing now to next levels: “When you travel for leisure, you want the usual amenities – and of course we provide them. But we want to extend our personal touch to all aspects of the customer experience: cultural, social, gastronomic and more.”

Technology usage in Halldis arrives only in a top-down fashion

It is only after a clear modulization of a business need, that it arrives for use as a business optimisation, never before.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, customers increasingly expect more personalized services, those new services can be offered in a new or reshaped way, since personalization is often enabled by technology.

When you express an interest in one of their apartments, an agent will want to go the extra mile and  call in person to say:  “Hello,  we’re so pleased you’ve chosen us. Can we help in any special way? In Milan this week, you might like this… Would you like us to order  your tickets for it? Perhaps a cookery course at your villa with a local chef, or even a highly-recommended wine-tasting experience?”

End-to-end service means many customers return to Halldis. Their program is still evolving, but the direction is clear: a joined-up customer experience that’s more human and personal, to inspire loyalty.

The key to remaining true to ETON’s legacy while at the same time staying relevant is to keep a high quality in everything you do.

Francesco Iarlori, Head of Innovation, Halldis

Nothing beats expert personal attention from a human being.

As Halldis offers a personal, responsive customer service almost 24/7, its communication solution is critical to its business success. The solution needs to be easy to use, secure, and reliable. For these reasons alone, Francesco chose Cisco BroadCloud.

BroadCloud enables Halldis to ensure calls get routed to the right agent for a customer’s needs. The customer can also contact the company via the channel they prefer , whether by voice call, instant message, or text.

Through the technology,  agents are always in touch with real-time information, so they can respond accurately and on-the-spot to a thousand customer queries.

Internal communications are no less important. When agents work remotely, across regions even, managing meetings can be a challenge. How can far-flung teams maintain service consistency, company ethos, and continue to keep the customer at the center of everything they do?

Halldis solves the problem with Cisco Webex. Francesco comments: “With Webex Meetings, no-one needs to be in the same place, it seamlessly brings us all together.”

So, from start to finish, this allows Halldis to remain focused on the customer experience. And in an age of information overload, the fact that a human (not a robot) is ready to help you, personally and warmly, promotes trust.

Carrier-grade cloud service for faster time to market


BroadCloud is a global platform hosted by Cisco that lets service providers deploy a full suite of calling and collaboration applications. Applications can be scaled to meet the needs of enterprises, no matter what size or industry.