Webex Teams case study with FSP

Every day we build emotions, brick by brick

Company: FSP

Sector: Architecture

Employees: 50

Country: Switzerland

Company website: https://www.fsp-architekten.ch/team/

Solution: Collaboration

“I can’t do it by myself. I need people around me."

When Ivo Lenherr thinks of his vocation, he starts with emotions and teamwork. He loves the uplift of a communal experience. And to encourage this at his architectural practice, he nurtures a community ethos.

“I had this feeling from my earliest years”, says Lenherr, who’s CEO at Switzerland-based MIC.MIND.SET, the home of FSP and SPA. “It’s how I like to live my life. Our time is precious, so naturally we should share it with good people who do good things.”

Lenherr’s principle of partnering with good people extends to clients as well as FSP employees. During projects, all stakeholders come together as one community to create and inspire stunning work and this ethos is reflected in their slogan ‘We do not build for ourselves’. This is reflected in their other MIC.MIND.SET holding of SPA where team spirit and collaboration are at the heart of everything they do.

“Today’s conversations are fast, effective and global.”

FSP started life in a domestic kitchen, when its talented founder won a competition to design and build a hospital. But those early successes pre-dated the digital world.

So, when Lenherr joined in 2011, his brief was to help FSP transform itself – which meant creating the future rather than just keeping up with it.

With Generations X and Y,” he says, “we’re finally cooperating right across the world. Just take a look at Airbnb, Uber, social media. These exchanges and conversations are fast, effective and global.

Ivo Lenherr, CEO at MIC.MIND.SET home of FSP & SPA

Since Lenherr took charge, the company has expanded fast, working for clients like Swiss International Airlines, Google, and the electrical equipment giant ABB.

FSP has also grown from 28 employees to over 60, with a portfolio that ranges from commercial and industrial buildings to healthcare buildings, schools, and more.

Creative inspiration infuses every project. While working with Google, FSP was impressed by the idea of the workplace-as-campus – a broader vision that embraced not just offices but amenities like gyms, creches and games rooms.

These recreational facilities, in particular, add an inclusive and human touch that’s missing from the traditional workplace. For FSP, this heralds a more balanced and human world of work.

“Webex provides all the collaboration we need.”

All along, the FSP dream has been to sell emotions, not projects. Cisco understood this straightaway, which made it an attractive technology partner.

Cisco solutions helped bring FSP’s new vision of partnership and closer communications to life, both among employees and clients.

For example, Webex Teams enables FSP employees to work together seamlessly across four separate office locations. Lenherr calls it “a kind of Whatsapp for business”, suggesting a social utility for the business tool.

Webex also makes it easy for FSP to collaborate with clients, not to mention with construction partners.

In the past, architects would physically visit building sites to oversee progress. Today, all FSP’s project partners use Webex. This means architects can call builders daily to keep up with progress, dealing with issues before they become problems.

With Webex Teams, users can also see body language, including facial expressions. So you can understand not just what people say, but what they actually mean. It all aids more effective communications.

For Lenherr, the effectiveness of Webex as a collaboration tool is also its ease of use. His employees can kick off remote meetings with a click or two.

Cisco is helping FSP sell emotions, just as its CEO dreamt.

Lenherr adds, with a smile: “Our teamwork has become so efficient and powerful that I plan to stop using email next year. What’s the point? Webex provides everything we need.”

Collaborate like the Best

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