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ETON Shirts cloud computing case study

“We handcraft everything we do."
For the Petterssons, attention to detail became a way of life.

Company: ETON Shirts

Sector: Tailoring

Employees: 250

Country: Sweden

Company website: etonshirts.com

Solution: Networking

When quality becomes personal

Who on Earth would sew a shirt out of 45 parts, using 12,000 stitches of the world’s finest Extra Long Staple cotton? Or make a collar out of seven individual pieces, including a woven interlining?

If you know about high-end menswear, you’ll know the answer: ETON Shirts.

In the early 20th century, such attention to detail was routine for ETON’s artisan founders, Annie and David Pettersson lived in the village of Gånghester, western Sweden, where Annie would sew dresses for local people in her kitchen while David worked at the family mill.

When the Swedish financial crisis struck in 1920, the mill was forced to close. Annie’s handmade dresses became the family’s sole income, so David turned his efforts to supporting his wife’s cottage industry.

The Petterssons were perfectionists who refused to compromise 

But while their business was born of necessity, the Petterssons shared powerful core values that served it well.

They were both perfectionists who refused to compromise. They valued quality over quantity. They let their products speak for themselves, as quality always does. And because they knew many of their customers personally, they saw business in terms of lifelong relationships. For them, quality was personal.

Their vision helped produce outstanding dresses and grow the business. When customers asked about menswear, they seized the opportunity, specializing in high-quality men’s shirts. And in 1928 "Skjortfabriken Special" ("Shirt factory Special") was born.

Annie and David were also shrewd. As the company grew, they saw the benefits of the division of labor, making individual sewers responsible for a particular part of the shirt. This helped speed up production, while boosting expertise and quality.

The Petterssons’ sons, Rune and Arne, eventually took over the family business. On a visit to Britain in the 1950s, they were struck by the premium quality, global prestige and leadership of Eton College in Berkshire – and Skjortfabriken Special was promptly renamed ETON Shirts.

It’s easy to see ETON’s core values in action today. The company pioneers new styles, manufacturing for modern customers who value traditional tailoring. And every detail is scrutinized for the potential to add new and original touches.

ETON also pays close attention to their supply chain. They control every step of the process, nurturing long-term relationships with a handful of top suppliers. They use only high-quality cotton fibers, choosing materials with a smaller environmental footprint.

The key to remaining true to ETON’s legacy while at the same time staying relevant is to keep a high quality in everything you do.

Sebastian Dollinger, Head of Design, ETON Shirts

How Meraki gives ETON the customer insights to stay ahead

Attention to detail is no less important when fine-tuning customer behavior as when stitching shirts. So ETON was keen to gather shopper data that would let them improve customer experiences across stores, drive loyalty, and inform new business decisions.

The Cisco Meraki cloud network answered the brief. The company didn’t have or want a large in-house IT team, so they were pleased with a Wi-Fi solution that was easy to deploy and use, yet powerful.

ETON quickly benefited from rich customer analytics that provided new insights into shopper profiles. Detailed customer-trafic reports can even identify the websites shoppers access most often, not to mention their favorite apps.

ETON can also benefit from Meraki’s Wi-Fi with Facebook Log-in feature, which lets guests use check-ins to connect to the Wi-Fi network – and provides extra demographic data through Facebook.

From a village kitchen to exclusive department stores like Harrods, Selfridges and Saks Fifth Avenue across 49 markets, ETON Shirts has maintained their exacting quality and unique vision for 90 years. And Meraki enables ETON to continue bringing their core values to life. 

Today Eton has become the leading luxury shirt maker on the global market that stands out with unique design and the highest quality.

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