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Understanding Cisco Fluidmesh Foundation (FMFNDU) v1.0

What you’ll learn in this course

The Understanding Cisco Fluidmesh Foundation (FMFNDU) v1.0 is an e-learning, video-only course that introduces Cisco® Fluidmesh from the device and system sales perspectives, describes application functions, and describes Fluidmesh technological advantages in the IOT marketplace. You will be introduced to Fluidmesh including the basics of wireless connectivity and network installation in the entertainment, mining, and intermodal port sectors, as well as the terminal, rail, smart cities, and security sectors. And you will learn about the Fluidmesh product portfolio comprised of radio transceivers, gateway devices, antennas, and customer-care services.

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Course duration

  • E-learning: 4 hrs. and 30 min

How you'll benefit

This course will help you:

  • Understand the relationship dynamics between Cisco Fluidmesh and its customers
  • Identify the specializations of knowledge needed to design, engineer, and install Fluidmesh wireless networks in different market sectors
  • Distinguish the technical differences between all Fluidmesh radio transceivers and gateway devices and understand the different applications each device can or cannot employ
  • Appreciate the working principles behind Fluidmesh’s Fluidcare customer support plans

Who should enroll

  • Account managers
  • System sales engineers
  • Deployment engineers

Technology areas

Internet of Things (IoT)

Course details


After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Initiate and maintain a satisfactory working relationship between you and a Cisco Fluidmesh customer
  • Describe what is needed to design, engineer, and install Fluidmesh wireless networks in all major market sectors
  • Describe the technical differences between all Fluidmesh radio transceiver types and gateway device types, and describe several different applications in which each device can or cannot be employed
  • Describe the working principles of Fluidmesh FluidCare customer support plans from the perspective of a Fluidmesh sales agent


  • An Introduction to Fluidmesh Sales
  • Operational Technology (OT) Connectivity for Entertainment
  • OT Connectivity in Open-Pit Mining
  • OT Connectivity for Ports and Intermodal Yards
  • OT Connectivity for Train-to-Ground
  • OT Connectivity for Smart Cities and Security
  • An Introduction to Fluidmesh Radio Transceiver Hardware
  • PONTE 50 Radio Transceiver
  • 1200 VOLO Radio Transceiver
  • 1300 OTTO Radio Transceiver
  • 3200 BASE Radio Transceiver
  • ENDO Series Radio Transceivers
  • MOBI Series Radio Transceivers
  • FIBER Series Radio Transceivers
  • Fluidmesh Gateway Hardware
  • Fluidmesh Installation Accessories
  • Fluidcare Customer Support

Lab outline

This class does not have any labs.