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Simple IT. Simple Buying.

Our Cisco-certified partners make IT simple.

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Cisco ​relies ​on ​a ​network of certified partners to ​sell ​and ​support ​our ​solutions.​ You​ get ​a ​local ​business​ with ​deep​ Cisco​ solution ​and​ service ​expertise ​dedicated​ to​ your​ success. 

Our ​partners​ must​ satisfy ​a ​list ​of ​extensive ​requirements,​ certifications ​and ​continuing ​education​ to ​become​ and​ remain ​an ​official​ Cisco-certified ​partner​–​most ​importantly, ​providing ​superior ​service ​to​ you.

Many ​partners​ can ​help​ you ​by ​looking ​at ​the ​entirety ​of ​your ​technology ​needs,​ based​ on ​understanding ​how​ your​ business​ works.​​ They ​can ​also​ help ​you ​optimize ​your ​technology ​spend—including​ planning,​ building,​ and​ managing​ the ​solution;​ making​ sure ​it​ works ​within ​your ​existing ​environment;​ and​ making​ sure ​you​ can ​adapt ​to ​meet ​the​ changing ​needs ​of ​your ​business ​(future-proofing). ​Even​ the​ biggest ​companies ​often ​use ​partners ​because​ having​ the​ entirety ​of​ that ​expertise ​in-house ​is ​rare.

Advantages ​of​ working ​with ​a​ Cisco-certified ​partner

When​ you buy from a Cisco partner,​ you​ get​ all ​the​ advantages​ of​ the ​Cisco​ brand​ plus​ the ​benefits​ of ​working​ with ​a ​business ​that​ provides ​high-touch​ service ​and​ support:

  • Experts​ on​ Cisco ​solutions ​and​ services
  • Ability ​to ​flawlessly ​deploy ​and ​manage ​Cisco ​solutions
  • Located ​near ​you ​for​ personalized​ service ​and ​on-site​ meetings

On-premise ​or​ managed ​services ​options ​give ​you ​more ​time​ to​ focus ​on​ driving ​business ​initiatives.

Questions​ you​ should ​ask ​potential ​partners

Here are a few things to ask to find the one that best suits your needs and style:

Do you specialize in working with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?

Cisco​ has​ a ​network ​of​ certified​ partners​ who​ specifically​ focus​ on​ providing​ technology ​solutions​ and ​support​ to​ SMBs.​ Many​ of​ these ​partners​ are​ SMBs ​themselves,​ so ​they ​understand​ the​ business​ challenges​ you ​face​ and ​the​ goals​ you​ have.​ Cisco-certified​ partners​ have ​proven ​their ​qualifications​ in​ specialized ​technologies.​ They​ have ​the ​training,​ support,​ and ​services​ to​ design, ​deploy,​ and​ optimize​ networking​ solutions​ for​ your ​business.​ They​ also​ stay​ up ​to​ date ​on ​the ​latest ​software ​and ​hardware​ changes​ as ​well​ as ​upcoming Cisco products and solutions.

What do I need to add to my tech stack?

A​ Cisco​ partner​ can ​discuss​ your​ business​ requirements​ and ​evaluate​ your​ current​ systems ​and​ network ​infrastructure.​ From ​there,​ a​ Cisco ​partner​ can ​present​ solution ​options ​that ​will ​meet​ your ​needs​ today,​ grow​ with ​your ​business ​over​time,​ and ​fit​ within​ your ​budget ​requirements.

How can I minimize my overall costs?

Always​ consider​ support ​and ​maintenance​ costs​ when ​making ​any​ technology ​purchase.​ Data​ suggests​ that ​working ​with​ one ​vendor ​instead​ of ​many ​can ​keep ​that ​in​ check.​ An ​end-to-end​ solution​ from ​Cisco ​is ​easier ​to​ maintain​ and ​support​ than ​a ​piecemeal,​ multivendor​ solution. ​Also,​ when​ budgeting ​for​ network ​enhancements,​ don’t​ forget​ the​ hidden ​costs:

  • additional​ software​ not​ included ​with ​your hardware
  • maintenance
  • ​training
  • Support
  • additional ​staff ​(if​ needed)

Research ​firm ​Gartner​ estimates​ such ​indirect ​costs​ account ​for ​up ​to​ 60% ​of ​an ​organization's ​total​ technology​ expenditures.​ Your ​Cisco​ partner ​can​ help​ you​ budget ​for​ all​ direct​ and​ indirect ​costs​ related​ to​ your ​tech ​enhancements.

What happens if there's a problem?

Ask​ your​ partner ​detailed ​questions ​about ​the ​support​ they ​can ​offer​ after ​the ​sale.​ For ​example:​ Does​ the​ partner ​offer ​after-hours​ or ​emergency ​support?​ If​ so,​ during​ what​ hours ​is ​that​ support ​available? ​The​ specific ​support​ levels ​offered ​should​ be​ detailed​ in​ a​ service ​level ​agreement ​(SLA).

Many​ Cisco ​partners ​offer an award-winning technical support service that ​offers​ anytime ​access ​to​ Cisco​ engineers ​and ​an​extensive ​range ​of ​technical​ resources ​and ​infrastructure.​ From ​there, ​a​ Cisco​ partner ​can​ present ​solution ​options ​that ​will​ meet​ your​ needs ​today,​ grow ​with​ your​ business​ over​time,​ and ​fit​ within​ your ​budget ​requirements.

How do we prepare for installation?

Your​ partner​ will ​guide​ you ​through​ the​ process,​ asking​ about​ your ​network, ​users,​ business​ procedures,​ and​ security​ requirements.​ They​ will​ share ​common ​oversights​ or ​challenges​ during ​a​ network ​upgrade​ and​ how ​you ​should ​specifically​ prepare.