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Design Zone for Remote Expert

Boost Customer Satisfaction

See how Cisco Remote Expert Solution efficiently connects customers with experts. (03:13 min)

    Explore Cisco Remote Expert Solution

    August, 2014

    The Cisco Remote Expert Solution brings customers together with experts in an interactive, virtual setting, regardless of their physical locations. A customer in the branch, in the retail store, or at any public or home location (from outside the enterprise) can easily find the best expert. This works whether they’re using a mobile device or web interface, and no matter where the expert is.

    The solution uses skills-based routing and availability monitoring to transparently connect the expert using Cisco Collaboration. Customer and expert connect with video, voice, content sharing technology along with recording and video in queue capabilities. This creates a better customer experience for those seeking advisory services or who want to complete a transaction. The solution can also improve customer acquisition and retention, without the cost of physical infrastructure.

    Strengthen Relationships, and Your Business

    Specialized experts may now cover larger territories, meet with more prospects, generate more business, and forge better relationships. They can even meet customers more often.

    In addition to immersive Cisco Collaboration sessions, the solution offers intuitive desktop sharing between the expert and customer. At both the customer and expert locations, the Remote Expert Solution integrates with business peripherals such as:

    • Touch screens
    • Card readers
    • Document cameras
    • Wet ink signature capture pads and writers
    • Printers and scanners

    This improves the experience for customers seeking consulting services, helps build customer loyalty, and optimizes the efficiency and reach of high-value subject matter experts

    The Remote Expert Solution is ideal for many industries including, but not limited to:

    • Financial services firms (FSI) and retail banking
    • Retail
    • Government services
    • Healthcare

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