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Design Zone for Evolved Programmable Network

Shift to a New Business Model

Fuse intelligent programmable networks with virtual cloud-based services. (PDF – 380 KB)

Converged, programmable, and virtualized. The Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) architecture combines industry-leading technology and service enablement with massively scalable bandwidth capabilities. Our EPN releases aim to shorten the delivery time for new services. To lower capital expenditures to allow for network growth. And to reduce the operating expense of service activation for service providers.

Access our guides and learn how service providers can create new revenue models and deliver new experiences to customers through virtualized cloud-based services. Deployment options are flexible to meet size and throughput requirements of differing access, aggregation, and edge networks.

Release highlights

Make the Cisco EPN the foundation for your open network architecture. Here are the key technology highlights in EPN 4.

Converged transport

Learn how to simplify your operations and gain superior transport reliability by integrating Cisco ASR 920 and Cisco ASR 903 Route Switch Processor (RSP2) routers into the Unified MPLS transport.

Deliver better user experiences and improve the efficiency of your network by:

  • Optimizing traffic forwarding at all layers of the network infrastructure
  • Adding stateful box-to-box redundancy models for subscribers in residential and mobile services
  • Increasing the use of satellite fabric links with a network virtualization (nV) multicast offload


Learn how to simplify your operations and reduce your OpEx through:

  • Insertion of the Cisco ME 1200 Series network interface device (NID) with remotely manageability
  • Automated backhaul reliability for microwave across Layer 2 and Layer 3 topologies
  • Enhanced autonomic networking features combined with auto-IP address allocation

Network functions virtualization

The latest developments in NFV help deliver an agile service delivery platform. Learn how to cost-effectively migrate legacy PPPoE subscribers from physical devices to a cloud-based model.

Iometrix certification

EPN 4.0 has completed the MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Services Certification conducted by Iometrix. Deploy our solution to reduce service costs, and establish a solid foundation for Carrier Ethernet interoperability.

Release highlights

Simplify and scale your network infrastructure and make it easy to operate. Prepare the network for new business models where applications can direct network behavior. Make your network infrastructure ready for software-defined networking (SDN). Strike a balance between distributed intelligence and centralized optimization and programming. With EPN 5 you can take full advantage of all latest advances in converged transport, services, and programmability.

Converged transport

Gain even greater transport reliability and ultimate network scale with segment-routing-enabled transport. Achieve better use of installed network infrastructure. Unblock the scale of your network with hierarchical designs. Apply it to greenfield and brownfield deployments.


Converge all your services over your new enhanced infrastructure. Learn how to deploy Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs with optimal positioning of wireline service edge functions.


Provision automated services using the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f. Program dynamic services discovery and assurance using the EPN Manager. Use controllers to enable services-based network slicing and end-to-end network integration.