Connected Refinery and Processing Facility

Connected Refinery and Processing Facility

Cisco Connected Refinery and Processing Facility documents best practice and secure design guidance. (PDF - 17.2 MB)

Connected Refinery and Processing Facility

Design Guidance for Refinery and Processing Facilities

This Cisco reference document includes best-practices design of industrial wireless, wired, and security communication networks in petrochemical facilities and other refining and processing plant environments. The purpose of this document is to identify customer use cases, map them to relevant architectures, and use Cisco and partner technology to deliver unprecedented value for our customers.

The solution:

  • Documents best practices from real-world implementations, detailing site surveys, designs, and architectures that are mapped back to customer use cases.
  • Addresses real-life customer deployment scenarios by providing a solution that supports implementation of a scalable, secure, and redundant multiservice-enabled network supporting both industrial and multiservice applications.
  • Outlines support for implementing industrial wired networks, secure remote access, the Industrial Demilitarized Zone (IDMZ), cybersecurity, and Control Center application virtualization.

This guide represents a collaborative development effort from Cisco and a number of industry partners including Emerson, Honeywell, SAP, Rice Electronics, Stanley Healthcare, and Ekahau.