Cloud Management

Boost Efficiency and Innovation

See the benefits of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. (4:04 min)

Boost Efficiency and Innovation

Rely on Automation in the Data Center

Data center strategy is inseparable from your business strategy. IT’s processes and application deployment procedures determine whether your organization is as efficient and agile as it can be to deliver optimum business results. Cisco provides a broad range of data center automation and cloud management solutions that can help you more easily command your environment, adapting it to your needs.

Whatever your organization, technology adoption strategy, or objective – such as improving management of your converged infrastructure environment or your public, private, or hybrid cloud environment – we can provide the expert solutions to make your IT journey a better experience.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite

This is an essential software solution for the modern data center because this suite makes it easier for organizations to adopt and extend the use of enterprise cloud. The comprehensive IT automation offered in this suite spans the data center, letting you automate and orchestrate all layers of your resources so you can efficiently deliver simple infrastructure to complex applications as services to users through your cloud.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog

This self-service portal helps your end users order and manage the IT and business resources they need. Cisco Prime Service Catalog serves as the central control point for application developers, IT architects, and end users. When used in conjunction with Cisco UCS Director, Cisco Prime Service Catalog delivers entry-level platform-as-a-service capabilities for application developers and IT architects.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

This cloud-management platform delivers services through and across all your lines of business. Service providers and enterprise organizations can offer a range of solutions spanning IT and business processes across private, public, and hybrid environments and multicloud platforms. Using the modern self-service portal, end users can specify resource delivery by cloud platform, network topology, and financial and business portfolio to meet a particular project’s needs.

Cisco UCS Director

Manage your integrated infrastructures more efficiently with end-to-end process automation by Cisco UCS Director. This solution reduces the complexity of managing individual devices, hypervisors, and virtual machines by presenting them in a single pane. Designed for IT consumers, operations teams, and administrators, the unified management approach of Cisco UCS Director reduces the time required to deploy physical and virtual resources from weeks to minutes. Using existing APIs for Cisco and third-party products, Cisco UCS Director helps you meet a full range of requirements for bare-metal infrastructure deployment and configuration as well as for virtual machine provisioning.

Cisco Intercloud Fabric

With this highly secure solution, enterprise customers can extend their existing data center workloads and capabilities into the public cloud as needed, on demand. Your organization can connect your on-premises data center infrastructures to multiple service providers for faster delivery of services. The flexible, pay-as-you-grow fee structure ultimately lowers costs.