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Cisco Connected Communities Infrastructure At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:May 29, 2020

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Updated:May 29, 2020

Table of Contents



Solution overview

A proven solution for your path to digital transformation

Modernizing the technology landscape of our cities, communities, and roadways is critical. Digital transformation will be key to operational efficiency, public safety, economic strength and sustainability, improved livability, and appeal for new investment and talent. Yet these efforts are often complex and challenging, especially with the growing number of connected services, systems and devices, and their data. The choices are many and can be overwhelming. Often this results in an ad-hoc solution approach leading to implementation silos, duplication and significant administration overhead and cyber-security risks. A different, more strategic approach is needed, based on a proven and secure digital transformation architecture that can meet today’s needs and scale for future projects.

Cisco® Connected Communities Infrastructure is designed from the ground up to meet this need. The solution has been fully tested and validated to support a broad range of city, community and roadways use cases. It utilizes Cisco’s Intent-based Networking and Cisco’s ruggedized IoT networking devices to greatly simplify outdoor network deployment, management and security, thus lowering operating costs. Cyber-security is designed in end-to-end and is so advanced that it enables a single infrastructure to be securely shared among multiple services, departments and agencies. The modular design ensures that you deploy only what’s needed and that you can securely expand for future digital transformation projects. Only Cisco can deliver these unique benefits by combining our market-leading networking and security products in this dedicated Connected Communities Infrastructure solution.


      Reduce costs through simplified network deployment and operational savings

      Improve mobility and roadway safety with simplified, secure connectivity to Traffic Management Systems (TMS) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

      Keep communities safe with advanced video solutions that use automated monitoring and alerts and more cost-effective but brighter street lighting

      Enhance planning and operational productivity by using dynamic data insights to better serve all your community’s needs

      Increase citizen engagement with secure, easily accessible, and efficient public services and applications

      Adapt to rapid technology changes and evolving goals with the flexibility to offer new services


Cisco Connected Communities Infrastructure

Your secure multiservice network

The need to support multiple use cases with multiple connectivity options traditionally leads to the creation of separate, isolated and overlapping networks. This in turn leads to duplication of effort, inefficient management practices, and less assurance for security and resiliency. Traditional networking commonly manages on a per-device basis, which takes time, creates unnecessary complexities, and heightens exposure to costly human errors.

With Cisco’s Connected Communities Infrastructure, you can create a single, secure communications network to support all your needs. Based on the market-defining Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) and Intent-based Networking capabilities, this solution provides:

      A single, modular network with wired (fiber, Ethernet), wireless (Wi-Fi, cellular, V2X) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications (LoRaWAN, Wi-SUN Mesh) connectivity options for unmatched deployment flexibility

      Highly reliable outdoor and ruggedized networking equipment with simplified zero-touch in-street and roadway deployment options

      Cisco DNA Center for network automation with unified management of communications policy and security that significantly lowers operational costs

      Cisco Software-Defined Access to virtually segment and secure your network across departments and services, each with its own policies, control, and management as needed

Call to action

It takes a world-class network to create a truly smart city

Around the world, we are tirelessly working to securely connect people, places, and things. Ready to join us? Cisco Connected Communities Infrastructure is the secure networking solution that can power your digital transformation, from an industry-leading vendor that can make it easier to deploy, manage, and stay secure.

For more information, please visit:

Cisco Connected Communities Infrastructure: https://cisco.com/go/connected-communities-infrastructure

Cisco Cities and Communities: https://cisco.com/go/smartconnectedcommunities

Cisco Connected Roadways: https://cisco.com/go/connectedroadways

Cisco Internet-of-Things solutions: https://cisco.com/go/iotcvd

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