Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture

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The Cisco ® Mobile Workforce Architecture delivers highly secure and seamless network services to mobile workers anytime and anywhere. This framework helps network administrators cost-effectively deploy services and applications.


Today's enterprise workforce is increasingly mobile. Competitive forces and market opportunities require that mobile workers have access to key information at any time, from anywhere, using any device. The exploding volume of data passed over wireless networks creates significant connectivity demand and heightens security concerns. Existing processes of activating, provisioning, and deploying enterprise services on smartphones are manually intensive and prone to user errors, and do not meet enterprise standards of security and privacy. How can employees stay connected in a seamless and secure way and remain productive?


The Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture offers a comprehensive set of mobility services that provide a secure and rich mobile user experience.

Figure 1. Baseline Components of the Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture

The Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture includes the following components:

Support for enterprise smartphones: The Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture can support any smartphone that can support VPN technology with certificates. This includes Nokia E-series phones, Android phones, iPhones, phones that use Windows Mobile, and RIM phones (e.g., BlackBerry devices).

VPN headend: This portion of the solution is responsible for remote-site aggregation and is the critical backbone that includes a Cisco IOS® Software-based VPN aggregation router (Integrated Services Router G2 [ISR G2]/Aggregation Services Router) to terminate the secure, encrypted tunnels from different types of smartphones. The ISR G2 serves as a single point of convergence for multiple secure access technologies, such as Cisco Easy VPN, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol-IP Security (L2TP-IPsec), Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), etc.

Additional optional components based on services needed:

– Cisco IOS Secure Device Provisioning Gateway (using the Cisco ISR G2): Simplifies provisioning and deployment for Apple iPhones or iPads.

– Mobile IP Gateway (using ISR G2 or ISR G2 with Cisco Services Ready Engine): Enable seamless, highly secure connectivity and always-on VPN for certain smart devices.

– Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition/Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express with built-in support for Cisco Mobile/Jabber client.

– The Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture also supports advanced fixed mobile convergence (FMC) integration with third-party collaboration applications by using the Cisco Services Ready Engine.

Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture Solution Benefits

Extending mobile access services helps enterprises achieve the following benefits:

Productivity increase: The Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture helps enable significant productivity increases for the next-generation workforce, associated with workday extension-office-equivalent access to corporate resources and services permits users to work just as effectively from any remote location. Avoiding rush hour commutes allows users to work effectively at a time they would normally lose. Single number reach functionality increases the probability of reaching the user on the first try.

Improved TCO: Advanced fixed mobile convergence helps to reduce the financial costs associated with cellular minutes and international roaming. By using VPN technologies to securely connect to enterprise email and other services, companies can save money by using the same infrastructure to access emails instead of using traditional email service- based offerings. Using Cisco converged VPN technologies on the ISR G2, companies can lower the total cost of network ownership by deploying a single network for teleworkers (Cisco Virtual Office), branch employees, and mobile users.

A Differentiated Solution

The Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture provides highly secure simplified deployment, connectivity, and integration with collaboration services on smart mobile devices, enhancing business productivity through employee access to highly secure and collaborative network services on any smart device, anytime and anywhere. The Cisco Mobile Workforce Architecture helps to improve both employee and IT management productivity and also provides low total cost of network ownership.

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